Document No 138: Vigilant and Britannia duelling for the Queen's Cup

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AUTEUR : John Steven Dews

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EDITION : 1893

DATE : 07 Jul 1894



During the 1894 Scottish racing season, spectators and yachting enthusiasts were treated to one of the most exciting races ever witnessed on the Clyde. The Queen's Cup rules stated that there must be a minimum of 3 yachts on the start line. Britannia and Vigilant required another challenger for the Cup in order to start the race and, in a very generous gesture, the owner of Marjorie, Mr. J Coats, entered his yacht with the full knowledge that she had no possibility of beating the two other racing giants. The weather was perfect, with a light to moderate southerly breeze. Britannia led from the start with Vigilant in hot pursuit and, as was to be expected, the hugely outclassed Marjorie fell behind very rapidly and was half an hour behind the other yachts by the end of the first circuit. As the race ended, Vigilant took line honours from Britannia by a margin of only 67 seconds. However Britannia won the race on corrected time


July 08, 1894- Yesterday's race was, indeed, a grand contest. The Vigilant crossed the starting line 53 seconds behind the Britannia. This time counted against her, because the English time all competing yachts from the fire of the gun, allowing nothing for the difference in the actual time of crossing the line. At the finish the Vigiiant was just one minute ahead of her opponent, having made the small gain of 1 minute 53 seconds in the entire race. At none of the turning marks were the two yachts a minute and a half apart. The Vigilant gave the Britannia 3 minutes' allowance and lost the race by 2 minutes, Had she started at the same instant as her competitor, she would have lost by 1 minute 7 seconds.

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