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LivoniaLinesVIn modelling Livonia, Michael Ratsey took his inspiration form the lines of Sappho. The sails of Livonia were cut and assembled from American cotton. Before leaving for the United States, the challenger was beaten by Egeria and by Aline, the Prince of Wales' yacht.
In Livonia could be seen the verification of the old saying that imitation is the sincerest flattery.

She was as like an American schooner as her builder could well make her, without throwing overboard all his principles of English design. Some of the traits of Cambria were present in her, but there were more of Sappho's. The vessel had a full, rounded midship section, a long bow, straight sheer, and a fairer counter than most English schooners, while she was heavily sparred, with sails of American cotton, having a total area of 18,153 square feet, the greatest sail-spread ever carried by a challenger for the cup.

Livonia was 264 tons register, 115 feet 2 inches long between perpendiculars, 127 feet over all, 106 feet 6 inches water-line, 23 feet 7 inches beam, and drew 12 feet 6 inches of water. Her timbers were of oak, and her planking of American elm to the water-line, and oak and teak above. Her mainmast was 68 feet long from deck to hounds, and her foremast 64 feet. Her squaresail yard was 64 feet long. She carried a lug foresail, and steered with a tiller. Her jibs were not attached to the stays when set.
Area of Livonia's sail
Hunt's Yachting Magazine
of July, 1871, from C. Ratsey
Sail sq. ft. m2
Mainsail 3458 321,30
Foresail 1570 145,90
Forestaysail 984 91,50
Jib 1107 102,80
Balloon-jib 2346 218
Main-topsail 1147 106,50
Fore-topsail 696 64,60
Jib-topsail 920 85,50
Square-sail 3458 321,25
Spinnaker 2676 248,60


 Designer   Michael Ratsey
 Builder   Michael Ratsey
 Owner   James Ashbury
 Club   Royal Thames Yacht Club
 Cup   Edition 2(1871)
 Skipper   John R. WOODS
 Launching   April 6th, 1871
 Type   Keel schooner yacht
 Hull material   Wood
 Mast material   Wood
 L.O.A.   38.70 m
 L.W.L.   32.81 m
 Beam   7.01 m
 Draft   3.90 m
 Mainmast   18.23 m  Foremast   17.60 m
 Mainboom   15.69 m  Bowsprit   6 / 11 m
 Maintopmast     Foretopmast   
 Maingaff   9.50 m  Foregaff   8.45 m
 Displacement   188 tons
 Sail area   583 m²
 End of life   Livonia was still sailing in 1896



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