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CastelliMVMarc Castelli has raced various sailboats for 26 years. During that time he has photographed, drawn, and painted the boats he has raced and studied. His images speak of an intimacy that results from such lengthy exposure. Compositions that dwell on parts of boats, imply the boat, or offer views only a participant would see are characteristic of his work.

Of late he has been attracted to the life of the watermen of the Chesapeake. He is a member of the Maryland Waterman's Association, which has gained him access not only to their docks and boats, but also to their concerns, trust and stories. He also races on IMS boats out of Annapolis and on the racing log canoes of the Chesapeake's Eastern Shore.

His artwork speaks to the large masses of sail, boats and their particular shapes, and ultimately, to their abstract potentials. While these painterly concerns are the main thrust of his maturing style, it is his attention to the correctness of detail that keeps his work accessible. He has been featured in Sailing magazine and in many galleries. Through the State Department's Arts in Embassies program he has been in exhibitions in the U.S. Embassy in Brazil and Qatar.

Marc Castelli - 4 TABLEAUX
Marc Castelli
Trimming the Corner - J-Class Yacht RANGER
Marc Castelli
Dueling on the Solent / Lionheart vs. Ranger
Marc Castelli
Marc Castelli
Scenic Overlook - RAINBOW



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