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EversCGVI live in a small village in Holland in the neighborhood of Rotterdam. I was already fascinated by everything about sailing. As the son of a tugboat captain I spend from my 5th year all my spare time on the water. I endlessly made drawings of boats on newspapers and pieces of paper. The foundation for all my marine art is ever based on those early experiences.

After school time I sailed for 8 years on tugboats of which 2 years as a captain. Since 1998 I’m General Manager of a Ferryboat Company.

In 1980 I took some drawing and painting lessons. Now I make oil paintings, water colors and gouaches. I like to know first everything about the ships before I start painting it. For this information I look in museums and archi­ves. I don't use the information as a painter only, but also as a publisher. I regularly publish articles about marine painters an about Sail-, tug, steamboats and their owners for the Dutch Maritime Magazines.

I was together with my friend marine artist Tim Thompson on the Solent during The great Jubilee in 2001. We both make quick sketches and a lot of video and photographs. It was the best holiday of my life and gave us the opportunity to going through with painting for years.


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Willem Eerland
Black Knight, America's Cup, VELSHEEDA and SHAMROCK
Willem Eerland
'J Class '
Willem Eerland
America's Cup, Racing J-Class SHAMROCK vs. ENDEAVOUR
Willem Eerland
"J class Endeavor
Willem Eerland