Lincoln, Edwin Hale (1848-1938) USA


BollesVEdwin Hale Lincoln (1848-1938) was a well-recognized American fine arts photographer who was one of the few photographers that created platinum prints.

Edwin Hale Lincoln was born in Westminster, Mass., in 1848, the son of a Universalist minister. He served as a drummer in the Civil War and then as a page in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

Reversals of fortune derailed his plans to attend Harvard, and he went to work for a dry goods wholesaler. In his late 20's he was a partner in a photography business, which led eventually to his life's magnum opus, a 20-year project that in 1914 culminated in a 400-picture catalog called "Wild Flowers of New England."

Before his death at the age of 90 in 1938, Edwin Hale Lincoln produced thousands of exquisite platinum prints.

Late in life, Lincoln was involved with veteran affairs and, reportedly, also still photographed. In 1938, at ninety and in good health, he was struck and killed by an automobile in Pittsfield.

A few of his America's cup platinum photographs appear in the book "The Holy Grail of Yachting: The Art of the America's Cup" Volume II on pages 166 & 167 & 212-213. On page 213 plate II.5.27 the image  is titled on the front of the mat in the artist's hand "Genesta".
Dimensions of photograph: Height 9 1/2, Width 7 1/2, inches

Platinim Print of the Yacht Genesta