"If we can fly today in the San Francisco Bay, this is because there have been "adventurers" like Walter
Greene and Mike Birch.
   To understand the future, we must know and respect
the past."

Loïck PEYRON (V&V July 2014)

Gracie rounding Sandy Hook in the New York Yacht Club RegattaFour Sloops for one defender

The preparations for the contest involved a departure which marked the birth of the custom of building boats specially to defend the cup, though, as events transpired, the defence that year was made by a boat not built for the purpose.


Thomas Sopwith in 1911LONDON, Oct. 17.--England today challenged the United States to another series of races for the America's Cup.

At a special meeting of the International Yacht Racing Union today the Royal Yacht Squadron issued at challenge on behalf of Thomas 0ctave Murdoch Sopwith, aircraft manufacturer and designer.


The debate is open

Many paintings exist representative the £100 Cup. Some depict a specific time of the race that can be situed approximately in time and space through the respective positions of ships, their appearance, the landscape and sometimes indications of their author. Some times shown below are questionable. The debate is open.



LogoNYT WILMINGTON, Dek, May 8, 1893.- The mantle of secrecy has been quite as carefully thrown around the Boston syndicate cup defender Pilgrim, now building at the yard or Pusey & Jones, at this place, as around any of the Herreshoff productions, and really very little has been known about her except that she was a fin keel of extreme draught.

Read more... - Columbia 1899Third victorious design of "Nat" Herreshoff

Designing a Cup racer was getting to be an engineering problem in figuring out new forms of construction, strength of material, rigging, etc. In these things "Nat" Herreshoff excelled, and in addition to being counted one of our foremost designers and the one with the greatest experience in large "single stickers," the boats were constructed at his own plant.


Antique Print of 1871 Yacht Races New York Livonia DauntlessThe voyage of the Livonia

The voyage of the Livonia across the Atlantic was a very stormy one, and the weather, which for some days had been unusually severe for the time of year, culminated in a hurricane in the region so well known to sailors as "the roaring forties," where the Livonia was hove-to for thirty-eight hours.


COIselinVCharles Oliver Iselin (June 8, 1854 – January 1, 1932) was a New York businessman and member of the firm of "A. Iselin & Co." Wall Street bankers, as well as a noted sportsman. He was born on June 8, 1854 to Adrian Georg Iselin and Eleanora O Donnell. His great great-grandfather Isaac Iselin came to America in 1801 from Basel, Switzerland, where the Iselin’s had been merchants, public officials, and military and professional men since the 14th century.


ForrestJHVHaughton Forrest (1826-1925), artist, was born on 30 December 1826 at Boulogne-sur-Mer, France, youngest son of Thomas Arthur Forrest, equerry to Queen Victoria, and his wife Mary Lowther, both parents being of distinguished family.


CozzensFVBorn in Livingston, Staten Island, New York in 1846, Cozzens became one of the era's better known sea painters recognized primarily for his early depictions of the fledgling New York Yacht Club racing events. He was also noted for his portrayal of naval events and maneuvers.


Angius-Bursus, Bruno (-) ITA (3)

AngiusBVBruno Angius - in art "Bursus" - is born in Rome, Italy. After completing his engineering studies at the Naval Academy of Leghorn and at the University of Pisa, he spent many years as a Navy Officer on board ships and ashore.

AngiusBPWhen he left the Navy in 1982, he was for several years an executive director in companies operating in the defense and transport fields, then he landed, by a quite fortuitous way, to the world of Painting.

At that point in time, with a basic knowledge of History of the Art and a strong and passionate feeling for the pictorial representation of the sea and of human emotions, Bursus began, as a self taught painter, his artistic path, based on Marine Subjects and Portraiture.

He lives in Rome where creates his paintings and continues, with passion and full dedication, the course of his artistic development. He signs his works with 'Bursus': his nickname when he was at the Naval Academy.


Bruno Angius-Bursus - 3 PAINTINGS
Bruno Angius-Bursus
Americas Cup 1870 - Cambria Vs. Magic
Bruno Angius-Bursus
America's Cup 1885
Bruno Angius-Bursus
J Class Regatta





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