Document No 2290: THE YACHT RACE. The first challenge on August 8th, 1870.

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AUTEUR : Evening Star

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EDITION : 1870

DATE : 08 Aug 1870




Wind too light for the Big Yachts.

Telegraphed exclusively for the Evening Star.

CLIPTON, STATEN ISLAND, Aug. 8.- The wind is light this morning from the south. The cload which hung over the bay at an early hour are clearing away; the breeze is freshening a little, and the Indications favor the prospect of a fair day and a quiet race. There is not enough wind ta display the sailing qualities of the larger yachts. The bay is crowded with boats ranging from small steam tags to first-class river and sound steamers. The shore of Staten lsland and Long Island are black with spectators. A hundred small sailboats of the harbor yacht clubs, yachts of Brooklyn, Harlem, Jersey City, and of other clubs, are hovering around the anchorage of the yachts entered for the race, watching over the movements on board. The competing yachts' start will take place on the last quarter of the ebb tide, which will serve the yachts if the wind holds nearly to the southwest spit. The Cambria has been allowed to select any position in the line of yachts at anchor.

The vessels are now anchored fifty yards apart in the following positions: on the line running westward from mid-channel to the club house at Clifton, first, the stake-boat in the channel, then the Alarm, Calypso, Widgeon, Silvie, Maggie, Dauntless, Tarolinta, Halcyon, Idler, Rambler, Phantom, Fleur de lis, Fleetwing, Madgie, Madeline, America, Tidal Wave, and the Cambria, all at anchor, without saiI set, around the Cambria and Dauntless.

Chartered steam tugs, sail boats, and smaller crafts are filled with excited persons, who are all cheering the officers and crew of each vessel. The vessels are lying in a direct line, at equal distance apart, and the start promises to be a fine one. The breeze will carry the vessels along about eight knots, and the ebb tide will assist them until they reach the tail of the west bank.

The revenue cutter McCullough, with Mrs. Grant, Lady Franklin and a large number of invited guests, is now coming up from Sandy Hook to see the race.

The signal to make ready (one gun) was given at 11:25 a.m. At 11:31 o'clock the second gun was given. The Dauntless was away first, the Magic next, the Tarolinta, Idler, Rambler, Cambria, Phantom anad others following. The Tarolinta was fouled by the Halcyon.

[Second Dispatch.]

Sandy Hook. August 8--2:15 p.m.-- The Dauntless has just rounded the light ship, leading the race. The Idler is second, and the Rambler third.

[Third Dispatch.]

Sandy Hook. August 8--2:55 p.m.-- The Magic is three quarter of a mile ahead, passing the Hook on the return from the light ship. The Dauntless is next and the Idler next, the America next and the Silvie last.


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