"If we can fly today in the San Francisco Bay, this is because there have been "adventurers" like Walter Greene and Mike Birch.
   To understand the future, we must know and respect the past."

Loïck PEYRON (Voiles et Voiliers July 2014)

The new rules :

The RYS Minutes of 9 May 1851 record the decision to hold a race on Friday 22nd August, during the club's Regatta, which would be open to yachts of clubs of all nations. This first such race was arranged so that America could take part if she came to England. Squadron races were normally open only to their own yachts.

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00486VThe American Yacht Columbia Victorious
The Livonia Half an Hour Behind

Copyright © The New York Times : Published: October 17, 1871
After the long and apparently endless correspondence, it is a pleasant task to chronicle the details of the first of the series of matches for possession of the America Cup.

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00486VVictory of the British Yacht Livonia in the Third Race.
The Columbia - A Bad Start - Some of Her Rigging Gives Way.

The magnificent race on Wednesday between the Columbia and the Livonia had a very enlivening effect upon the series of matches for the Queen's Cup, as previously the Livonia was rather underrated, and everybody, expected to see a clean walk-over.

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Lines of schooner MagicThe magic remains intact

Few documents on Magic which therefore retains all its magic ...
Only this drawing of Herbert L. Stone, who can get an idea of lines of the first winner of the Cup and to compare its size with that of the challenger (see drawing below).

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Photos of Shamrock II, challenger of the America's Cup in 1901Gallery "Sir Thomas Lipton"

Sir Thomas Lipton bequeathed his collection of photographs, newspaper cuttings and memorabilia to the Mitchell Library where it is still housed. In 1999, the collection was showing signs of degradation and conservation was required. Unilever, who now own the Lipton brand, were approached and funded the conservation and digitisation costs.

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Photos of Shamrock, challenger  of America's Cup 1899Gallery "Sir Thomas Lipton"

Shamrock came to this country under reduced cutter rig, convoyed by the steam-yacht Erin. Permission was granted by the New York Yacht Club to tow Shamrock in calm weather, and under tow most of the way she made the passage from Fairlee, which was left August 3d, to Sandy Hook, via the Azores, in fourteen days twenty hours, the distance being three thousand four hundred miles.

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Clinton CraneClinton Hoadley Crane had a somewhat unusual career. Beginning as an amateur naval architect, designing for himself and his friends and relations, he then established a yacht-design firm that he operated for around 12 years, and then left the profession to run the family mining business full-time. He came back 10 years later to his passion of yacht design; part-time and as an amateur.
He was as interested in motor racers as he was in sailboats, ...

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ReynoldsKV Keith L. Reynolds has been actively painting since 1961. He is an award-winning member of the Society of Illustrators, New York, where he has been a member since 1964. Reynolds is also a member of American Society of Marine Artists.

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TylerJGV Born in Oswego, New York, the artist at fifteen moved to New York City, training under the hand of the influential marine artist and yacht designer, Archibald Cary Smith.
After his formal training, Tyler fused his own very personal style into creating unified depictions of sea, sky and vessel, each put forth with equal expression.

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