"If we can fly today in the San Francisco Bay, this is because there have been "adventurers" like Walter Greene and Mike Birch.
   To understand the future, we must know and respect the past."

Loïck PEYRON (Voiles et Voiliers July 2014)

The start of the first race for the America’s Cup, September 7th 1886, painted by Admiral Richard Brydges Beechey, RNThe First Race, Tuesday, Sept. 7

The course chosen for the first race was the regular one of the New York Yacht Club, starting from buoy 18, New York harbor, and the same as the one sailed over by the Puritan and Genesta in the "inside" race of the previous year. Interest in yachting in general, and in this event in particular, had been intensified by the races of 1885, and throughout the country news of the progress of the struggle was eagerly sought.

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Her Stout Topmast Snaps Short Off Soon After the Start.

LogoNYT Oct. 18, 1899 - The second of the races for the America's Cup was won yesterday by the Columbia owing to an accident to Shamrock. The course was over an equilateral triangle of ten miles to each side, ...

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Final preparations

On August 11th, at 11.30 P.M., Shamrock II passed Sandy Hook, a little less than sixteen days out from the Clyde. She was promptly taken to Erie Basin, where all challengers since Genesta had refitted, and there received her racing spars and gear, which arrived by steamer August 4th.

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John Mecray Limited Editions: 35.  DEFENDERIn this country we were not content to trust the defense to Vigilant, especially after her poor showing against Britannia in 1894, and a syndicate was formed in the New York Yacht Club (syndicates were getting to be the fashion those days, with the growing cost of building and running a defender) to build a new boat. In this syndicate were C. Oliver Iselin, who was to manage the yacht, W. K. Vanderbilt, and E. D. Morgan.

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Arrival of the Yacht After a Run of Twenty-three Days and Five Hours.

LogoNYT July 28, 1870 - These celebrated yachts started for their ocean match on Monday, July 4th. from Daunt Rock, about a mile from Cork Head, instead of Old Head, at Kinsale, the alteration being made to enable the public ...

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01245VSir Richard Francis Sutton, 5th Baronet (20 December 1853 – 25 February 1891) was the owner of the racing yacht Genesta with which he raced the Puritan for the America's Cup in 1885.
He was married to Constance Corbet, daughter of Sir Vincent Corbet, Bt., and had a son (Sir Richard Vincent Sutton, 6th Baronet, see bellow) who succeeded him posthumously. He was Sheriff of Berkshire in 1887.

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KramerRV Today, Russ Kramer is widely regarded to be among the country's leading marine artists. His large-scale studio paintings create 'first-hand' experiences for the viewer, putting you right on board during some of history's greatest yacht races or turn-of-the-century luxury vessels.

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ForrestJHVHaughton Forrest (1826-1925), artist, was born on 30 December 1826 at Boulogne-sur-Mer, France, youngest son of Thomas Arthur Forrest, equerry to Queen Victoria, and his wife Mary Lowther, both parents being of distinguished family.

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