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Mischief, America's Cup Winner with plank on bulkhead construction. Intricate riggings and deck fittings, brass winchs, blocks, and cleats.For the first time in the history of the Cup, a boat was built specially for the defense of the cup, a sloop chirped 22.10 m long and 6.55 m of midship nicknamed Pocahontas.

But he will be severely beaten in the selection tests and that's Mischief will have the honor of défending the Cup.

Mischief was the second metal yacht constructed in this country, and the first to be used in defence of the cup. She was built of iron, from designs by A. Gary Smith of New York, at Wilmington, Delaware, and was two years old when she defended the cup.

She was as fine a sloop as could be found, and a departure from the old type of "skimming dish," having less beam, a straighter sheer, higher freeboard, and a shorter, fuller overhang aft. Her ballast was lead, stowed low in her iron hull. Her lines slightly suggested the cutter, and her rig was a compromise between sloop and cutter.

Mischief ( 1879 ) half hull wooden hand crafted.  Hand-crafted plank-on-frame wood hull with dark green topsides, red cove stripe . Varnished stained wood hull.

She was the first scientifically-designed yacht employed for cup defence, all the others having been built from models cut in wood. She was a designer's, rather than a builder's creation, and as such led the way to new methods in the creation of cup-defending vessels. She marked a very important point, therefore, in the evolution of American yacht building, and also she indicated strongly the steps we were to take a little later toward the English type of boat, though she was by no means revolutionary, as the America had been among racing schooners.


Designer Archibald Cary Smith
Builder Harlan and Hollingsworth
Owner Joseph Richard Busk
Club New York Yacht Club
Cup Edition 4(1881)
Skipper Nathanael CLOCK,
Afterguard Henry C. HAFF,
Launching 1879
Type Centerboard cutter
Hull material Iron
Mast material Wood
L.O.A. 20,57 m
L.W.L. 18,59 m
Beam 6,00 m
Draft 1,62 / 4,80 m
Mainmast 22,30 m
Mainboom 18,90 m
Bowsprit 13,31 m
Maintopmast 12,65
Displacement 79,2 tons
Sail area 487 m²
End of life May 26th, 1929: towed offshore and sank


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Plan of Mischief created with DELFTSHIP

Plan created with DELFTSHIP
Plan of Mischief created with DELFTSHIP


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Sail plan of Mischief