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ThompsonTVTim Thompson is a respected, world-renowned oil painter, and one of the undisputed leaders of today’s generation of marine artists. Born in Hull, England in 1951, Thompson spent his childhood in the Channel Islands, where his interest in the sea and sailing first developed.

 A self-taught painter, Thompson began his artistic career when he was 27, establishing his reputation with nautical paintings whose subjects ranged from the fighting ships of Drake’s era to modern racing yachts and the America’s Cup competitions.

tim-thompson-profileHis works also include various historic and period seascapes and marine art, including heroic rescues at sea. While Thompson enjoyed success early on, 1982 proved to be a turning point in his career.
That year, at a regatta in Cowes, England, he met media mogul and sailing enthusiast Ted Turner, who ultimately commissioned him to paint a number of his yachts.tim-thompson-artist

Thompson’s work is characterized by his use of traditional oil techniques. Placing layer upon layer of translucent wash on canvas, he produces a luminosity rarely seen in contemporary marine paintings. He has been much praised for his meticulous attention to detail and his ability to create dramatic and atmospheric images. Displaying an elegance and sophistication reminiscent of works by the 19th century masters of marine art, Thompson’s works are widely collected by marine art connoisseurs around the world.

Thompson has co-authored three books, The Paintings of the America Cup, Gold Medal Rescues, and The Story of Yachting, and was the official artist of national race teams many times. He now lives in Saltash, Cornwall in the UK, with his wife and two daughters.

Color and movement are vital components in my work. It is important that I see exactly how the sails of a yacht are formed when she is rounding a mark or how the ocean appears during a storm. - Tim Thompson


Tim Thompson - 88 PAINTINGS
RANGER vs. ENDEAVOUR II, America's Cup Race, 1937
Vigilant & Britannia in the Solent
Puritan & Genesta
Power, Grace & Beauty
Columbia & Shamrock II
Ranger & Endeavour II Before the Wind
Reliance at Sandy Hook
1876: '"Madeleine" (New York Yacht Club) defeats "Countess of Dufferin" (Royal Canadian Yacht Club)
1934 "Rainbow" (New York Yacht Club) defeats "Endeavour" (Royal Yacht Squadron)
Puritan v Genesta
Britannia, Alberta & Vigilant
America Sailing Into Newport Harbor
American Goosewinging
Squally day in the Solent
The yacht America off the Long Island shore
Schooner America off Cowes 1851
America off Cowes
America and Constitution at Castle Garden - 1851
An Early Start
AMERICA Lithograph
America Wins
America and her rivals on the Start Line, 22nd August 1851
America, Arrow, Freak & Alarm
The Schooner
Arrow and Alarm battling it out during the original 'America's Cup' race of 1851
Three Cheers for America
America Approaches the Needles, 1851
The legendary America passing the royal yacht Victoria and Albert (I) off the Needles lighthouse
America crossing the Finish Line into immortality, with Queen Victoria watching from the royal yacht Victoria and Albert (II) astern
America and Victoria & Albert
America salutes the Royal Family
America Trounces the British Fleet
America crossing the Finish Line into immortality
Maria off Sandy Hook 1861
Magic, America's Cup Race 1870
PURITAN vs. GENESTA. America's Cup, 1885
Volunteer & Thistle
Vigilant & Valkyrie II
Vigilant and Valkerie II - 1893
America's Cup Race
Britannia and Vigilant off the Royal Yacht Squadron's headquarters, with the royal yacht Alberta outward bound from East Cowes beyond, 1894
1895 "Defender" (New York Yacht Club) defeats "Valkyrie III (Royal Yacht Squadron)
Sir Thomas Lipton's America's Cup challenger Shamrock (I) being saluted off the Statue of Liberty at dusk, 1899
Shamrock and Liberty, 1899
America's Cup challenger "Shamrock" taking the salute off the Statue of Liberty at dusk, 1899
1899 "Columbia" (New York Yacht Club) defeats "Shamrock" (Royal Ulster Yacht Club
America's Cup 1901 Defender Trials, New York Yacht Club's COLUMBIA Leads INDEPENDENCE and CONSTITUTION
Columbia and Shamrock II - 1901
Dual for America's Cup 1903, RELIANCE and SHAMROCK III
Reliance vs. Shamrock III, America's Cup 1903
RELIANCE Lithograph by Tim Thompson
Reliance off Sandy Hook - Summer of 1903
The Big Racing Cutters
1903 "Reliance" (New York Yacht Club) defeats "Shamrock III" (Royal Ulster Yacht Club)
White Heather & Shamrock
1920 "Resolute" (New York Yacht Club) defeats "Shamrock IV" (Royal Ulster Yacht Club)
Whirlwind and Weetamoe
Shamrock V
America's Cup, 1930: Enterprise leading Shamrock V on the windward leg
VANITY and the J-Fleet Off Torbay
Rainbow & Cleopatra's Barge II
America's Cup, 1934; Rainbow leading Endeavour
Yankee & Endeavour
Yankee off the Needles
Yankee and Shamrock, Plymouth Sound 1935
Yankee and Atlantic
Yankee and Atlantic
"Yankee Ghosting with the J's off Plymouth"
Yankee Visits England, 1935
America's Cup 1937. RANGER and ENDEAVOUR II
America's Cup 1937 Trials, RAINBOW Powering RANGER Downwind
Americas Cup 1937 prestart Endeavour to Ranger
Ranger beats Rainbow - America's Cup Trials 1937
"NYYC Cruise"
The 'J' Class
America’s Cup, 1937 - RANGER vs. ENDEAVOUR II
J Fleet in Newport, Summer 1937