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Britannia vs Valkyrie, Cowes 1893 - Shane Couch« Un démon dans les petits airs et un diable dans la baston »

Lorsque le yacht de lord Dunraven est arrivé à New York, les plaisanciers américains voyaient en Valkyrie II le meilleur bateau digne de mourir qu'il était possible de lui opposer. Comme Thistle, il était précédé par des histoires de victoires de l'autre côté qui faisaient dire de lui que c’était « un démon dans les petits airs et un diable dans la baston ».

« Souvenir. 1893 Contest for America's Cup »

Les résultats suivant sont extraits du
livret de présentation de la course
Souvenir. 1893 Contest for America's Cup
publié par Thomas Manning.

Il contient en page 2 une publicité pour le Champagne LOUIS ROEDERER
que je reproduis ici pour mon ami
Christian des Domaines OTT*

Domaines OTT : vins de Provence, wines of Provence (France)
Souvenir. 1893 Contest for America's Cup Champagne Louis Roederer, Grands crus et vignobles, cuvée Cristal Souvenir. 1893 Contest for America's Cup

Résultats de Valkyrie II avant la Coupe

Royal Thames Yacht Club
May 25 from Lower Hope to Mouse Lightship and return: 50 miles - Wind W.N.W.
  1 Britannia 5.21.09
  2 Iverna 5.25.38
  3 Valkyrie 5.27.13
  4 Calluna DNF

Royal London Yacht Club
May 27 from Lower Hope to Mouse Lightship and return: 50 miles - Wind N.N.E.
  1 Iverna 6.10.20
  2 Britannia 6.16.19
  3 Valkyrie 6.19.42

New Thames Yacht Club
June 3 from Swin Middle Lightship to Cork Light vessel and Northwest Ridge: 50 miles
  1 Valkyrie 7.15.35
  2 Satanita 7.27.58
  3 Calluna 7.28.49
  4 Britannia 7.28.56
  5 Iverna 7.43.27

Royal Harwich Yacht Club
June 5 Course of 37 miles from Harwich Harbour
  1 Valkyrie 9.03.17
  2 Britannia 9.07.15
  3 Iverna 10.13.26
  4 Calluna 10.13.28
  5 Satanita DNF
June 6 Course round the Shipwash, Sunk & Cork Light vessels to the Harbor: 37 miles
  1 Valkyrie 5.30.16
  2 Britannia 5.33.23
  3 Satanita 5.46.32
  4 Iverna 5.52.03
  5 Calluna 6.04.02

Royal Thames Yacht Club
June 10 Course from the Nore to Dover: 60 miles
  1 Britannia 4.58.05
  2 Valkyrie 4.58.22
  3 Satanita 5.03.57
  4 Calluna 5.05.31
  5 Iverna 5.16.37

Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club
June 12 Course from Dover Bay (2 rounds): 44 miles - Wind E.N.E.
  1 Britannia 4.22.09
  2 Calluna 4.32.36
  3 Iverna 4.38.10
  4 Valkyrie DNF

Royal Southern Yacht Club
June 17 Course from off Calshot Castle (2 rounds) - 42 miles
  1 Valkyrie 6.11.17
  2 Britannia 6.16.56
  3 Satanita 6.29.03
  4 Iverna 7.14.36
  5 Calluna 7.14.52
Royal Mersey Yacht Club
June 26 Course from Flagship New Brighton, finish off St. George's Landing Stage - 65 miles
  1 Valkyrie 5.03.48
  2 Britannia 5.14.41
  3 Satanita 5.16.16
  4 Iverna DNF

Royal Largs Yacht Club
June 29 Course from Largs - 48 miles
  1 Britannia 4.33.02
  2 Satanita 4.37.20
  3 Valkyrie 4.37.37
  4 Iverna DNF

Royal Northern Yacht Club
July 1 Course from Rothesay Bay round Flagboats (2 rounds) - 50 miles
  1 Britannia 9.02.35
  2 Valkyrie 9.04.33
  3 Satanita 9.06.03
  4 Calluna 9.06.20
  5 Iverna DNF
July 3 Course from Rothesay Bay round Flagboats (2 rounds) - 50 miles
  Race shortened about 19 miles - Wind very light Northerly
  1 Calluna 4.26.06
  2 Valkyrie 4.27.04
  3 Satanita 4.35.32
  4 Iverna 4.38.29
  5 Britannia 4.46.44

Royal Western, of Scotland, Yacht Club
July 4 Course from Wemyss Bay round Flagboats of Largs & Mountain Stuart House (3 rounds) - 48 miles
  1 Valkyrie 5.01.58
  2 Iverna 5.06.21
  3 Satanita DNF
  4 Calluna DNF
  5 Britannia DNF

Mudhook Yacht Club
July 5 Course from Hunter's Quay (2 rounds) - 50 miles - Wind N.E.
  1 Valkyrie 6.06.05
  2 Satanita 6.07.43
  3 Iverna 6.25.41

Clyde Corinthian Yacht Club
July 7 Course from Hunter's Quay (2 rounds) - 50 miles - Wind light, Easterly
  1 Valkyrie 6.28.45
  2 Britannia 6.29.41
  3 Iverna 6.30.36
  4 Satanita 6.33.10
Royal Clyde Yacht Club
July 8 Course from Hunter's Quay (2 rounds) - 50 miles
  1 Valkyrie 7.33.50
  2 Calluna 8.39.22
  3 Satanita DNF
  4 Iverna DNF
  5 Britannia DSQ
July 10 Course from Hunter's Quay (2 rounds) - 50 miles - Wind Easterly
  1 Valkyrie 6.57.29
  2 Calluna 7.49.59
  3 Britannia 8.27.40
  4 Iverna DNF
  5 Satanita DNF

Royal Ulster Yacht Club
July 14 Course from off the Club battery (3 rounds) - 50 miles
  1 Satanita 4.32.04
  2 Britannia 4.33.30
  3 Calluna 4.36.13
  4 Iverna 4.43.45
  5 Valkyrie 4.44.12
July 15 Course from Bangor Bay (3 rounds) - 50 miles
  1 Valkyrie 4.52.04
  2 Britannia 4.54.21
  3 Calluna 5.07.43
  4 Satanita 5.19.23

Royal London Yacht Club
July 31 Course from Cowes (2 rounds) - 50 miles -Wind N.N.W.
  1 Britannia 5.46.16
  2 Valkyrie 5.47.19.
  3 Navahoe 5.47.39
  4 Satanita 5.50.06
  5 Calluna 5.53.52
  6 Iverna DNF

Royal Yacht Squadron
August 1 MAJESTY CUP - 50 miles -Wind N.E
  1 Meteor 5.57.45
  2 Britannia 5.59.25
  3 Navahoe 5.47.39
  4 Viking DNF
  5 Mohawak DNF
  6 Valkyrie DSQ
August 3 COWES TOWN CUP - 45 miles - Wind W.S.W.
  1 Satanita 3.40.50
  2 Valkyrie 3.49.03
  3 Calluna DNF
  4 Navahoe DNF



From the opening of the English yachting season on May 25, until she sailed America, the Valkyrie took part in nearly every regatta of importance. She sailed on Aug. 23. On her record she was incomparably the best boat in England, and while she lost some races, her principal defeats were caused by defective spars and rigging. These weak spots have now been remedied and faults in construction strengthened, until now she is in better shape than the Vigilant, which has had really little chance to test her spars.

Below will be found a summary of her races which show in a small way what her record really was on the other side.

In comparing these figures it must be remembered that the Satanita allowed Britannia 1 minute 37 seconds, Valkyrie 2 minutes 5 seconds, Caluna 3 minutes 10 seconds, and Iverna 7 minutes 59 seconds over a fifty-mile course.

On May 25 the yachting season in England opened with the Royal Thames Yacht Club race over a fifty-mile course round the Mouse Lightship in a moderate breeze. The Valkyrie and Britannia sailed their maiden race against the Iverna which was considered the fastest boat in England. It was a nip-and-tuck race between the Valkyrie and the Britannia until a few miles from the finish, when the former carried away her topmast and bowsprit, and lost the race. Their finishing times were: Britannia, 5:26:09; Valkyrie, 5:33:33; Iverna, 5:38:08.

The Valkyrie sailed her next race on May 27, in the regatta of the Royal London Yacht Club, over a fifty-mile course. The same boats started again, this time in a wholesale breeze. The time at the finish was: Britannia, 5:56:19; Valkyrie, 5:57:32; Iverna, 6:09:32. The Valkyrie and Britannia indulged in a number of lufting matches, and the Iverna won the prize.

The next race was under the direction of the New Thames Yacht Club on June 3, and the course sailed was from Southend to Harwich, a distance of fifty miles. There was a good wholesale breeze and the Valkyrie captured her first mug. Their finishing times were: Valkyrie, 4:42:53; Satanita, 4:52:58; Britannia, 4:55:24; Calluna, 4:59:43; Iverna, 5:16:48.

On June 5 the regatta of the Royal Harwich Yacht Club took place in a light wind over a thirty-seven mile course, and again Lord Dunraven’s craft proved a winner, finishing at 7:21:12. The Britannia was next at 7:27:12, Iverna third at 8:35:07, and the Calluna fourth at 8:35:50.

Next day another race was sailed under the auspices of the same club over the same course in a light breeze, and again the Valkyrie was the winner. The finishing times were: Valkyrie, 4:32:26; Britannia, 4:34:35; Satanita, 4:46:32; Iverna, 4:58:14; Calluna, 5:08:09.

After the Harwich race their next meeting was on June 10 in the Nore to Dover race of the Royal Thames Yacht Club, which, by the way, was sailed in a good breeze in remarkably fast time. The distance was fifty-two and one half nautical miles, nineteen miles to windward, a reach of fifteen miles, and eighteen miles before the wind. The Britannia covered the course in 4:53:05, elapsed time. In this race the Satanita received credit for doing fourteen and three-quarter knots in an hour's reach between two known marks. The times at the finish were as follows: Britannia, 3:03:05; Valkyrie, 3:03:22; Satanita, 3:08:57; Calluna, 3:10:31; Iverna, 3:21:37, the Britannia winning the race by just six seconds, corrected time.

The next race was on June 12 in the regatta of the Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club over a 44-knot double triangular course from Dover Bay around the Verne Buoy and South Goodwin Lightship. The wind was moderated and the sea smooth. The Valkyrie led the Britannia by two seconds at the end of the first round, but carried away the hanger of her throat halyard block, and was compelled to withdraw, the Britannia winning the race.

The race the next day across the Channel to Boulogne and back was spoiled by a foul at l the start, in which the Valkyrie, Britannia, and Vendetta took part. The Valkyrie started 12½ minutes late, and nearly caught the leaders before the finish, time being: Calluna, 3:23 37; Valkyrie, 3:29:04; Iverna, 3:32:29; the Britannia being disabled.

On June 17 there was another good race over a forty-four-mile course, and the Valkyrie added another prize to her list in a light wind. The finishing times being: Valkyrie, 4:42:59; Britannia, 4:48:31; Satanita, 4:57:03; Calluna, 5:49:08; Iverna, 5:51:30.

The next meeting of the racers was in the Jubilee regatta of the Royal Mersey Club on June 26. There was a smooth sea and a moderate northwest wind. It was a sixty-mile course and they made pretty good time. The Valkyrie again led the way, finishing at 6:12:42. The others were timed: Britannia, 6:22:47; Satanita, 6:24:42; Iverna, 6:59:00.

From the Mersey the racers journeyed to the Clyde and raced in the regatta of the Royal Largs Yacht Club on June 29 over a fifty-mile course, made up of a number of short legs. The Britannia led all the way and finished first. The Valkyrie was second and the Satanita third. The finish was timed: Britannia, 7:12:27; Satanita, 7:14:12: Valkyrie, 7:15:37; Calluna, 7:17:50.

On the second day the wind was light and fluky and the Calluna won, finishing at 4:25:55, the others finishing In the following order: Valkyrie, 4:26:48; Satanita, 4:35:22; Iverna, 4:38:14; Britannia, 4:46:33.

The next race was that of the Royal Western Yacht Club on July 4, in which calms and squalls were equally divided. The Valkyrie won, beating the Calluna 11 minutes, the Britannia withdrawing with a sprung mast.

On the following day the regatta of the Mudhook Yacht Club was sailed in a fresh and squally breeze. The Satanita sailed well and led the fleet home, but lost the race to Valkyrie on time allowance, the finish being timed as follows: Satanita, 4:37:43; Valkyrie, 4:38:10; Iverna, 5:03:40.

The regatta of the Clyde Corinthian yacht Club was sailed on July 7. The wind was light and variable, and a poor race resulted, but, as usual, the Valkyrie won, the finished time being: Valkyrie, 4:59:58; Britannia, 5: 01:21; Satanita, 5:03:17; Iverna, 5:05:30.

On July 8 the Royal Clyde Yacht Club held its regatta, a severe thunder storm striking the fleet early in the day and robbing the Satanita of her bowsprit. The Britannia finally won after a very fluky race, with the Valkyrie 40 minute astern.

At the Royal Clyde Yacht Club regatta on July 10, course 50 miles, light breeze, the Valkyrie beat the Calluna 52 minutes 30 seconds, the Britannia 1 hour 30 minutes 11 seconds. The Satanita was not timed; the Iverna gave up.

At the Royal Ulster Yacht Club regatta on July 14, course 50 miles, wind fresh, the Satanita beat the Britannia 2 minutes 31 seconds, the Calluna, 7 minutes 21 seconds, the Valkyrie 14 minutes 13 seconds, and the Iverna 19 minutes 40 seconds. The Valkyrie lost through a man falling overboard and having to stop.

At Royal Ulster Yacht Club regatta on July 15, course fifty miles, wind light, the Valkyrie beat the Britannia 1 minute 56 second, the Calluna 10 minutes 50 seconds, and the Satanita 22 minutes 59 seconds.

At regatta of the Royal London Yacht Club off Cowes on Julv 31, the Valkyrie first met the Navahoe. The-course was forty miles and the wind fresh. The time at the finish was: The Britannia. 3.46:16; Valkyrie, 3:47:19; Navahoe, 3:47:12.

The next day, Aug. 1, was the race for the Queen's Cup under the auspices of the Royal Yacht Squadron. The course was fifty miles in length, the wind light, and the water smooth. The time at the finish was: The Valkyrie. 3:57:55; Britannia, 3:59:25; the Meteor, 4:1215. The Valkyrie was disqualified for turning a buoy wrongly.

In the race for the Town Prize on Aug. 4, over a fifty-mile course in a gale of wind, the Satanita finished at 1:42:15, and the Valkyrie 1:50:30. The Navahoe and Calluna met with accidents.

In the regatta of the Royal Yacht Squadron on Aug. 4, the Satanita won over a fifty-mile course. The wind was light. The time at the finish was: The Satanita, 2:31:36; Valkyrie, 2:33:45; Calluna, 2:35:56; Navahoe, 2:38:10.