1871 : CHALLENGE N°2

In 1871, James Lloyd Ashbury tries his luck again and
Livonia will be the first challenger who wins a race.

Yachting in the Solent: Arrow Livonia Vanguard Egeria FoxhoundOn his return to England late in the autumn, Mr. Ashbury immediately set about building a new schooner, as he had determined before he left America to make another attempt for the Cup the following year.

He felt, however, though he had not made a formal protest at the time, that it was unfair and not in accordance with the terms under which the Cup was held...


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America's Cup 1871, LIVONIA vs. COLUMBIAA tempestuous passage

The new challenger, Livonia, left Cowes on September 2d and after a slow and tempestuous passage of twenty-nine days, during which she was hove to in a hurricane, and lost sails, broke her foreboom, and carried away her bowsprit, arrived at Staten Island on October 1st.

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00486VThe American Yacht Columbia Victorious
The Livonia Half an Hour Behind

After Mr. Ashbury and the N.Y.Y.C. had at length agreed on the terms above referred to, Monday the 16th of October was fixed upon for the first match and the day broke with scarce a ripple on the waters of the Bay.

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00486VAnother Victory for the American Yacht Columbia. The Livonia Defeated on the Open Course

The second race was appointed to be sailed on the 18th October, when a fresh N.N.W. breeze gave promise of better sport.

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00486VVictory of the British Yacht in the Third Race.

Still, though defeated not dejected, Capt Woods and his crew set to work to get the Livonia for the third race which was fixed for the 19th, on the day after the previous match and it was the prevailing idea that either the Dauntless or the Palmer were to be the Livonia's antagonist this time

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04785V4Livonia Again Beaten - Sappho Wins Easily

The fourth of the series of matches was fixed for the 21st on the early morning of which day the committee-boat Seth Low, with the judges on board, left the foot of Desbrosses street at 7h 30m a.m. and steaming down found the Columbia lying at anchor off Staten Island.

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00486VAnother Race Won by the Sappho and the Match Decided

On the morning of the 23rd October, the committee boat Seth Low left the foot of Vestry street shortly after nine o’clock, and proceeded with all dispatch to the anchorage ground, opposite the New York Yacht Club House.

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Category: 1871 : CHALLENGE N°2
Category: 1871 : CHALLENGE N°2