1886 : CHALLENGE N°6

A friendly but inefficient challenge came from Scotland.
Easy victory of the sloop Mayflower and second win of architect Edward Burgess.

A strange couple defied the N.Y.Y.C.

At the conclusion of the races of Puritan and Genesta, the New York Yacht Club took up the challenge of Lieut. William Henn of the Galatea, and at a meeting held October 22d, 1885, definitely accepted it, fixing the races for the following year. The conditions arranged for the races were practically the same as those in the 1885 series.

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Priscilla, Puritan, and AtlanticIn anticipation of Galatea's coming, Boston yachtsmen immediately “got busy” after the 1885 race, with a view to holding the laurels they had won. General Paine, one of the Puritan syndicate, feeling sure that Puritan could be improved upon, which feeling was shared by the yacht's designer, placed an order with Edward Burgess for a new sloop, somewhat larger than Puritan, of which he was to be the sole owner.

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The start of the first race for the America’s Cup, September 7th 1886, painted by Admiral Richard Brydges Beechey, RNThe First Race, Tuesday, Sept. 7

The course chosen for the first race was the regular one of the New York Yacht Club, starting from buoy 18, New York harbor, and the same as the one sailed over by the Puritan and Genesta in the "inside" race of the previous year. Interest in yachting in general, and in this event in particular, had been intensified by the races of 1885, and throughout the country news of the progress of the struggle was eagerly sought.

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Category: 1886 : CHALLENGE N°6
Category: 1886 : CHALLENGE N°6
Category: 1886 : CHALLENGE N°6