"If we can fly today in the San Francisco Bay, this is because there have been "adventurers" like Walter Greene and Mike Birch.
   To understand the future, we must know and respect the past."

Loïck PEYRON (Voiles et Voiliers July 2014)

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The start of the first race for the America’s Cup, September 7th 1886, painted by Admiral Richard Brydges Beechey, RNThe First Race, Tuesday, Sept. 7

The course chosen for the first race was the regular one of the New York Yacht Club, starting from buoy 18, New York harbor, and the same as the one sailed over by the Puritan and Genesta in the "inside" race of the previous year. Interest in yachting in general, and in this event in particular, had been intensified by the races of 1885, and throughout the country news of the progress of the struggle was eagerly sought.

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Forty seconds before the start of the third raceSHAMROCK DISABLED, ENTERPRISE SAILS ON TO WIN THIRD RACE

British Expert at Newport Also Says the American Crew Is Excellent.

NEWPORT, R.I., Sept. 17.-- Enterprise, defender of the America's Cup, swept on today to her third straight victory over Shamrock V, Sir Thomas Lipton's challenger.

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The Sloop Galatea by James Edward ButtersworthThe Galatea

The Galatea was owned by Lieut. William Henn, an enthusiastic yachtsman who had been in the Royal Navy for fifteen years and who (while yet a young man) had retired some ten years before so that he might devote more time to his favorite pastime.

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THISTLE : SEAWORTHY, FAST AND ELEGANTLord Dunraven says of the Thistle : "Thistle was built for the express purpose of sailing for the cup... She was built for the purpose and was the best thing we could turn out."
The money for building the new boat was subscribed by Messrs. John Clark, Commodore of the Royal Clyde Yacht Club, William Clark, Andrew Coates, William Coates, James Coates, George Coates, J. Hilliard, James Bell, Vice-Commodore of the Royal Clyde Yacht Club, and William Bell.

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Frank John MURDOCH is born February 21, 1904 in Antwerp,Belgium, son of Dan Murdoch and Alice Murdoch (born Jansen), married to Phyllis Murdoch (born Strutt), he had two boys Anthony John and Colin Peter. He died June 13, 1996 in Nyon, Switzerland.
His involvement with boat building was no surprise. The Murdoch family had been engaged in it since 1867, and he had cruised and raced ...

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ThompsonEV Born in Mystic in 1899, Ellery Thompson was a dragger boat captain in and around New London for half a century, as well as a storyteller, author, and painter. He died in 1988. Thompson was profiled in The New Yorker in a two-part piece by Joseph Mitchell, January 4 and 11, 1947. Mitchell wrote:

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JonesBJVBrian J.Jones is a highly accomplished and award winning Marine Artist. Specialising in both modern and historical yachting scenes. Numerous works by the artist have been sold at auction, including 'Storming the Cowes Roads, 1930' sold at Christie's King Street 'Maritime Art' in 2008 for $17,314.

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