"If we can fly today in the San Francisco Bay, this is because there have been "adventurers" like Walter Greene and Mike Birch.
   To understand the future, we must know and respect the past."

Loïck PEYRON (V&V July 2014)

Mischief, American Cutter Yacht by Robert F. PatersonThe first race

The first race was to have been sailed on November 8th, but light wind made a postponement necessary. Both Gracie and Mischief were on hand, a claim of the right to defend the cup being made for each. The committee made its choice of Mischief that day.

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On her arrival at New York, Shamrock was rigged promptly for racing, and was given several trials off Sandy Hook, in which she appeared to be a veritable witch in light airs. On September 13th she met with an accident, her steel gaff buckling until it collapsed. It may be mentioned here that her spars and gear were too light for her sails, which defect caused a loss of speed. She was finely handled by Capt. Archie Hogarth, assisted by Capt. Robert Wringe.

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Weetamoe was designed by Clinton Crane as a possible defender of the America’s Cup in 1930 with Enterprise, Whirlwind and Yankee. She was the narrowest of the early four.

Despite claims that Yankee was the best all-rounder, Weetamoe is said to have been the closest rival to Enterprise to be the Cup defender.

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James Edward Buttersworth - The Volunteer - Approximate Original Size - 6x12 1887
was the third and last defender designed by Edward Burgess. She was built in the remarkably short time of sixty-six days, and was launched the last day of June.

It won all the races sailed before the America's Cup.

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'Vigilant' vs 'Valkyrie' 1893 by Leonard J. PearceWinner of America's Cup 1893

Vigilant is one of four boats built specifically to defend the Cup in 1893 against Valkyrie II. She is the first in a series uninterrupted of five Cup winners drawn by Nathanael Greene Herreshoff between 1893 and 1920. Vigilant was very different of the oldest yachts designed by Burgess.

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NicholsonCEVIn the 1890s, with the arrival of Ben Nicholsons three sons to the firm Camper and Nicholson, a final name change was made to Camper and Nicholsons. Middle son, Charles Ernest Nicholson, emerged as the consummate yacht designer, able to combine elegance with speed and seamanship.
Nicholson’s first design of note was the Redwing class, designed for the Bembridge Sailing Club as a single-hander, to replace the expensive half racers...

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WrightJFV Drawn to ships and the sea because of the timeless nature of its mystery and beauty, J. Franklin Wright has developed the mastery of the marine composition at its compelling best. Specializing in ship portraits, he is influential for his explorations into the sparsely documented history of Canada’s shipbuilding industry.

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