"If we can fly today in the San Francisco Bay, this is because there have been "adventurers" like Walter Greene and Mike Birch.
   To understand the future, we must know and respect the past."

Loïck PEYRON (Voiles et Voiliers July 2014)



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A first attempt

After the last modification of Deed of Gift adopted in May 1888, nothing of importance transpired in cup matters until the following spring, when a challenge, dated March 19th, 1889, was received from the Earl of Dunraven.

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Harold S. Vanderbilt, skipper of Enterprise, and thr afterguardENTERPRISE WINS SERIES AND AMERICA KEEPS CUP - HIS LAST TRY, SAYS LIPTON


NEWPORT, R.I., Sept. 18.--Sir Thomas Lipton's hopes of winning the America's Cup went a-glimmering out at sea today when Enterprise, the American ...

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Photos of Shamrock, challenger of America's Cup 1899Gallery "Sir Thomas Lipton"

Only two photos of the races, unfortunately, and some photos not easy to classify.

Each thumbnail presented here contains a link to the original photo on the Mitchell Library' s website.

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A.D. Blake : "America" and "Constitution" leave Newport in the summer of 1865.New Design

The America was designed by James Rich Steers and George Steers (1820–1856). Traditional "cod-head-and-mackerel-tail" design gave boats a blunt bow and a sharp stern with the widest point (the beam) placed one-third of the length aft of the bow.

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WatsonVGeorge Lennox Watson was born in Glasgow in the same year in which the schooner America was built and raced; his father, Dr. Watson, was a noted physician, his mother was a Miss Burstall, daughter of Timothy Burstall, an inventor, and a contemporary of George Stevenson, builder of the locomotive Rocket, and engaged in similar work.
At the age of sixteen, Mr. Watson, whose tastes as a young boy inclined ..

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OliverTV Thomas Oliver was born on Isle of Wight. He has been living in and around Cowes for many years.
The artist has been best known for his magnificent paintings of classic yachts. Thomas Oliver is certainly considered one of the finest marine painters of this century, and is represented in many important collections both in Europe and the United States.

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