"If we can fly today in the San Francisco Bay, this is because there have been "adventurers" like Walter Greene and Mike Birch.
   To understand the future, we must know and respect the past."

Loïck PEYRON (Voiles et Voiliers July 2014)

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A strange couple defied the N.Y.Y.C.

At the conclusion of the races of Puritan and Genesta, the New York Yacht Club took up the challenge of Lieut. William Henn of the Galatea, and at a meeting held October 22d, 1885, definitely accepted it, fixing the races for the following year. The conditions arranged for the races were practically the same as those in the 1885 series.

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"Independence" The Hull Yacht Club's Americas Cup EntryWork on the Constitution was no sooner under way at the Herreshoff shop than word came that Boston would also be in the field to dispute the new boat's right to the honor of defending. It had been eight years since Boston had been represented by a Cup yacht and this word came with something of a shock to the complaisance of the two New York Yacht Club syndicates and was received with poor grace.

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Photos of Shamrock IV, challenger of America's Cup 1920Gallery "Sir Thomas Lipton"

The Shamrock IV was the first of the yachts designed and built for Lipton by Charles E. Nicholson. It was an unconventional looking vessel and was nicknamed the "ugly duckling".

The Yachting World's description:
"Her greatest beam is forward of the mast which gives her a very exagerated "cod head" and the extreme bluffness detracts from her looks...

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JBHerreshoffV« The Blind Genuis »

The story of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company must start with John Brown Herreshoff. At the time of his birth, the Herreshoffs were living at Point Pleasant Farm on Poppasquash Neck. He showed a great deal of energy and ambition for a lad, having his own rope walk, a workshop and a foot lathe.

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BeecheyRBVRichard Brydges Beechey (1808 – 14 March 1895) was an Anglo-Irish painter and admiral in the Royal Navy. Beechey was one of the 18 children of British painters Sir William Beechey and Ann Phyllis Jessop. His brothers included the British sea captain and painter Frederick William Beechey, the portraitist Henry William Beechey and the painter George Duncan Beechey.

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LaneFHV Fitz Henry Lane (born Nathaniel Rogers Lane, also known as Fitz Hugh Lane) (19 December 1804 - 14 August 1865) was an American painter and printmaker of a style that would later be called Luminism, for its use of pervasive light.

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