"If we can fly today in the San Francisco Bay, this is because there have been "adventurers" like Walter Greene and Mike Birch.
   To understand the future, we must know and respect the past."

Loïck PEYRON (Voiles et Voiliers July 2014)

Few photos for this edition of 1937. Perhaps because of the crisis, Ranger has not had the success he deserved, whether in the selection trials than for the Cup matches or in regattas after the Cup.

Two main sources for 1937 photos : The Mariners' Museum with the Edwin Levick collection and the Rosenfeld Collection.

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Enterprise passing Resolute two minutes after the start of second race (May 12) Resolute as a trial horse

During the previous winter Commodore Clark had generously offered to sail Resolute against Enterprise as a trial horse and to have her in commission by May 10. Walter Clark was better than his word, as he had Resolute not only in commission but ready to race us on May 10.

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04785V4Livonia Again Beaten - Sappho Wins Easily

The fourth of the series of matches was fixed for the 21st on the early morning of which day the committee-boat Seth Low, with the judges on board, left the foot of Desbrosses street at 7h 30m a.m. and steaming down found the Columbia lying at anchor off Staten Island.

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Antique Print of 1901 America Cup Constitution Yacht“Constitution the unlucky !”

As soon as the second challenge of Sir Thomas Lipton was received and accepted, another syndicate was in order, there being hardly a thought as to whether Columbia would be good enough to take Shamrock II's measure. This new syndicate was composed of August Belmont, Oliver H. Payne, ...

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X3D is an open standard for 3D content delivery. It is not a programming API, nor just a file format for geometry interchange.

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ChPaineVCharles Jackson Paine (August 26, 1833 – August 12, 1916) was an American railroad executive, soldier, and yachtsman who was a general in the Union Army during the American Civil War.
Paine was born August 26, 1833 in Boston, Massachusetts, son of Charles Cushing Paine and Fannie Cabot Jackson, and great-grandson of Robert Treat Paine, one of the signers of the United States Declaration of Independence.

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DemersDVDonald Demers was born in 1956 in Lunenburg, Massachusetts. He spent his summers near Boothbay Harbor, Maine, and crewed about many schooners and other craft that led to his first hand experience to transfer to painting.

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BodenMVMr Boden was born in Bermuda. After completing his secondary education in England and university in the United States, he returned to Bermuda, and his first love, the sea. Mark and his family winter in their Ontario, Canada, home allowing their children to attend school, but still live on a 20 ton Venus gaff ketch in Bermuda for part of the year.

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