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The Schooner Yacht 'Cambria', 188 Tons, Racing off Ryde, 1868 - Arthur Wellington Fowles"I have always regarded the model of Cambria as one of the finest in the very fine collection in the model room of the New York Yacht Club. I was on board her during several of her races and I think her failure to win was due to clumsiness of rig rather than to a defect in the model."

The compliment was all the more relevant coming from a fine connoisseur and an attentive witness of the first America’s Cup challenges, Captain Roland F. Coffin.


Designer Michael Ratsey
Builder Michael Ratsey
Owner James Ashbury
Club Royal Thames Yacht Club
Cup Edition 1(1870)
Launched 1868
Type Keel schooner yacht
Hull material
oak with teak topsides
Mast material Wood
L.O.A. 108 feet Beam 21 feet
L.W.L. 98 feet Draft 12 feet
Mainmast 61 feet Foremast 56 feet 6 in.
Maintopmast 35 feet 6 in. Foretopmast 32 feet 3 in.
Mainboom 61 feet Bowsprit 35 feet
Maingaff 33 feet 9 in. Foregaff 25 feet
Displacement 188 T Sail area
830 m²
Rating NYYC 248 tons. Rating RTYC 128 tons.

Cambria and the Ashbury Cup Newport 1870

Cambria and the Ashbury Cup Newport 1870 Oil on canvas 40x60inch

Shane Couch
Oil on canvas 40x60inch


Cambria Lines
The Lawson history
of America's cup

Lines of schooner Cambria


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Lines of schooner Cambria

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