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Sappho was a model widely inspired by the lines of America. It was cut by William Townsend, the main modeller of the C. and R. Poillon Bros shipyard, situated in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and then built in 1867 for Richard Poillon. In fact, he built it on speculation, without a commission, thinking he could quickly sell the beautiful schooner.

For that reason, it was sailed across the Atlantic to Cowes, England, by Captain Tom Baldwin the following year. The crossing took 14 days.


SAPPHO : Data Table
Designer William Townsend
Designer Cornelius & Richard Poillon
Owner William P. Douglass
Club New York Yacht Club
Cup Edition 2(1871)
Skipper Samuel «Sam» Greenwood
Launching 1867 à Greenpoint
Type Keel schooner yacht
Hull material Wood Mast material Wood
L.O.A. 42 m Beam 8,22 m
L.W.L. 36,40 m Draft 3,90 m
Mainmast 24,40 m Foremast 23,60 m
Maintopmast 10,82 m Foretopmast 9,83 m
Maingaff 13,38 m Foregaff 12,15 m
Bowsprit 6,35/13,22 m Mainboom 24,90 m
Displacement  848 tons Sail area 1170 m²
Rating NYYC   Rating RTYC  
Sappho in NY Harbor
Cliquez pour agrandir la photoJames E. Buttersworth
Oil on canvas 20 1/2 x 30 1/4 inch


Lines of Sappho

The Lawson history
of America's cup


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