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Resolute - The Mariners' MuseumThe last defender designed by Nathanael Greene Herreshoff

The Resolute was designed and built by Nathanael Greene Herreshoff for a syndicate of New York Yacht Club members headed by Henry Walters and composed by John Pierpont Morgan, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Frederick G. Bourne, George F. Baker, Jr., Arthur Curtiss James, Harold S. Vanderbilt, Richard T. Crane, Payne to defend the America's cup against the Shamrock IV. in 1914.

Resolute was launched successfully on April 25, 1914. The yacht slid down the ways from the north shop of the Herreshoff works and was cheered by some 2,500 spectators and saluted by a fleet of launches and yachts. The Resolute has been built under the usual cover of secrecy and all were anxious to see what the yacht looked like.

She is not a beauty. Her bow is buff and her counter short and broad, but she looks a racer full of power.

AMERICA'S CUP-SHIP RACE-CIRCA 1920'S-RESOLUTE-HERRESHOFFThe bronze hull, which has been burnished, shone like a watch-case. This bronze plating is a beautiful piece of work. The plates are riveted flush, not hipped, and consequently the under-body is perfectly smooth. The lead keel is entirely covered with the bronze plating. These plates are five-sixteenths of an inch over the lower part of the under-body and five thirty-seconds of an inch above.

The new yacht is different from any thing ever built by Herreshoff before, and compared with former cup defenders Reliance, Columbia and Constitution is small. She is, as THE SUN said, a 50 footer enlarged to 75 feet water line and with curtain remeasurements of model and improvements that experience gave to the designer. She has full sections, short ends, flat floors and every Indication of power and speed. The dimensions published in THE SUN last Sunday are accurate. The over all length is 108 feet, which is the exact proportion of the over all length of the 50 footers. The beam is 21 feet, the water line length under 75 feet, about 74 feet 6 inches, and the draught just a little over 14 feet. The allowance under the rule is 13 feet 9 inches, so there will be a slight penalty for this excess. The lead keel weighs about sixty tons and the lead measures 22 feet on the bottom and about 26 feet on the top. The rake of the rudder post is about 45 degrees, and the rudder, which looks small is made of wood.

Bonhams 1793 : Terry Bailey (British) The 1920 America's Cup, Resolute v. Shamrock IVThe forward overhanging is about 18 feet and the after overhanging 14 feet. The after overhanging is much lower than any other Herreshoff yacht and it is XX off as suddenly as on the 50s. It is very broad at the transom. From the f omon iron the stem of the yacht runs almost a straight line down to the lead.

XX there is a sharp curve downward XX XXX a straight run down to the bottom of the keel. The midship section is very full. There is an easy turn at the bilges and the garboards are so full that this again almost straight from the top of the lead to the curve at the bilge. This give a section almost like a V and very similar to the old English cutters, but with much more beam.

The Resolute has flat floors and these are carried well forward, in fact right into the overhanging. This fulness will give her great buoyancy and ability to hold on in windward work. The sheer is almost straight and the deck is absolutely flush, only the hatch coverings showing above the deck line. There is a XX of about two and one-half inches around the deck formed by an angle of XXX. W. Sterling Burgess, boat designer of fame, looking over 1929 cup defender Resolute at Bristol, R.IThe impression of those who saw the Resolute was that Herreshoff had turned out the best he had never designed and that while the yacht was small -the smallest of the three- its form was so easy that it would develop wonderful speed.

The Resolute is to be tried first with a bowsprit and double head rig. The steel mast will he placed in the second step. It is a spar of steel, 102 feet long, and is all ready. The topmast, also ready, is of Oregon pine and will house on the lower mast, as was done in the Reliance and Constitution. These spars, with a hollow steel boom, a gaff and two club topsail spars, are on the dock ready for the riggers, who will begin work on Monday. The boom is 75 feet long. The bowsprit is 22 feet long, of which 7 feet is on the keel. The baseline of the sail spread will measure about 124 feet, so that it will be a lofty one.

The Resolute is painted white above the water line and has the name "Resolute, N. Y. Y. C." in red letters on the stern board.

The mast of the Resolute will be stepped early on Monday morning and then the crew under the superintendence of Capt. Chris Christiansen will get busy setting up the standing rigging. This rigging Is all ready and quick work will be made if the weather keeps fine. The sails, which were cut by Asa Hathaway, have been sent to Saylesville, where the duck was woven, to be finished. These will be brought back next week and if the weather is fine will be bent on next Friday. The Resolute is scheduled to have her first sail next Saturday, but a few days of wet weather would change these plans.

 Designer   Nathanael Greene Herreshoff
 Builder   Herreshoff Manufacturing Company
 Owner   Syndicat mené par Henry Walter et composé de John Pierpont Morgan, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Frederick G. Bourne, George F. Baker, Jr., Arthur Curtiss James, Harold S. Vanderbilt...
 Club   New York Yacht Club
 Cup   Edition 13 (1920)
 Skipper   Charles Francis Adams II
 Afterguard   John Parkinson, George A. Cormack, George Nichols, Robert W. Emmons II, Arthur Adams
 Launching   April 25th ,1914
 Type   Sloop à quille et à dérive
 Hull material   Bronze
 Mast material   Steel
 L.O.A.   106' 3"
 L.W.L.   75'
 Beam   21' 6"
 Draft   13' 9"
 Mainmast   102'
 Mainboom   75 '
 Bowsprit   15 '
 Displacement   115.4 short tons (104.7 metric tons)
 Sail area   8,549sq ft
 Rating   83,5
 End of life   Scrapped in 1938


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