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Yacht Rainbow DeckPlan - Image Credit to DykstraSecond success for Harold S. Vanderbilt and William Starling Burgess after Enterprise in 1930

After its success in 1930 with Enterprise, Harold S. Vanderbilt created a new syndicate to confront his English "colleague" of aviation, TOM Sopwith. He turned to William Starling Burgess to design and it is the Herreshoff yard ...

... that built his last defender, the eighth in a continuing series from Vigilant in 1893. Starling Burgess resumes plans for a Class J he had started two years earlier and produces two models that he tests in the Ann Arbor yacht basin. Both models show faster than Enterprise and will be presented to Harold S. Vanderbilt late October 1933.

Construction begins before the end of 1933 with the manufacture and installation of frames. This is a classic building for this time with bronze planking on steel frames. It is said that the construction lasted 100 days. In reality, it would be rather 116 days between Tuesday, December 26, 1933 and Saturday, April 21, 1934.

The launch was held on 15 May 1934 and the duralumin mast manufactured by Glenn L. Martin Co. is rigged the same day.

Stepping the mast on Rainbow



 Designer   W. Starling Burgess
 Builder   Herreshoff Manufacturing Company
 Owner   Syndicat dirigé par Harold S. Vanderbilt
 Club   New York Yacht Club
 Cup   Edition 15 (1934)
 Skipper   Harold M. S. VANDERBILT
 Afterguard   William Starling Burgess, John Parkinson, C. Sherman Hoyt (barreur de réserve), Prof. Zenas Bliss (navigateur), Frank C. Paine (spinnaker)
 Launching   March 15th, 1934
 Type   J Class
 Hull material   Iron
 Mast material   Duralumin
 L.O.A.   38,91 m
 L.W.L.   24,99 m
 Beam   6,40 m
 Draft   4,56 m
 Mainmast   47,08 m
 Mainboom   20,19
 Displacement   141 tons
 Sail area   7,535 sq. ft.
 Rating   J Class, 76.0. - Sail Number : J 5
 End of life   Broken up at Lawley shipyard in 1940


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