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1881 Mischief vs Atlanta"The Canadian Mud Turtle"

The Atalanta was designed, modelled and built by Captain Alexander Cuthbert of Coburg, reportedly at a cost of $2,100 [C.H.J. Snider], as an improvement to his Annie Cuthbert.
He also designed Countess of Dufferin, Dauntless, Surprise and Katie Grey.

Chronically short of money, he was the only man in history to be designer, modeller, builder, owner and skipper of an A.C challenger., and where his backing - if any - for the Atalanta came from is somewhat of a mystery. (Source: Naval Marine Archive - The Canadian Collection)

Launched late (17 September 1881) the Atalanta was not finished. Her planking was not planed down and her fittings were almost unfinished. Money was lacking and work had stopped several times to wait for cash. When the boat sailed down the Bay of Quinte, the crew were still nailing down her deck and other fittings. The suit of sails was brand new, ill-fitting and the cotton duck had not had time to lose its nap.

Published: November 1, 1881

Atalanta from a drawing by W. G. WoodARRIVAL OF THE ATALANTA

The Atalanta is not of the dreaded cutter model. In fact she does not differ in general appearence from American modeled yachts, being characterized by similar breadth of beam.

She is 70 feet long over all, 64 feet at the water line, 62 feet 10 inches on the keel, 19 feet 2 inches beam. Her depth of hold is 6 feet 10 inches, draft 5 feet 6 inches, with centre board 16 feet 6 inches.

Her mast is 71 feet high and 15 inches in diameter at the base and 13 inches at the hounds. The length of her topmast is 36 feet. Her bowsprit is 28 fet long and 14 inches in diameter at the knightheads. The mainsail boom is 62 feet long and the gaff 30 feet.

The mainsail has 49 feet hoist, and measures 60 feet on the foot, 34 feet on the head and 75 feet on the leech. Her main jib measures 44 feet on the foot, 52 feet on the leech and 70 feet on the luff; her jib topsail 38 feet on the hoist and 18 feet across the centre; gaff topsail 34 feet on the foot, 45 feet on the leech and 64 feet on the luff.


Atalanta : DATA TABLE
Designer Captain Alexander Cuthbert
Builder Flint & Holton lumber yard
Owner Captain Alexander Cuthbert
Club Bay of Quinte Yacht Club
Cup Edition 4 (1881)
Skipper Captain Alexander Cuthbert
Afterguard J.S. Mattoon, J.B. Donnelly, W.B. Phillips, W.S. Stone, and Captain Nicholas Dand
Launching September 17th 1881
Type Centreboard sloop
Hull material Wood
Mast material Wood
L.O.A. 21,34 m
L.W.L. 19,50 m
Beam 5,79 m
Draft 1,68 / 5,03 m
Mainmast 21,34 m
Mainboom 21,34
Bowsprit 7,62 m
Maintopmast 10,36 m
Maingaff 10,97 m
Displacement 44.7 tons
Sail area 3,118 sq ft
Rating 3568
End of life 1900 : last seen in New Orleans.


Lines of Atalanta - The Lawson history of the America's cup


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