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GenestaGenesta was a typical English cutter of the period, long, narrow, very deep, with low bilges and wall sides, a straight stem, a high overhang aft, long bowsprit, short mast, and tall topmast.
Length overall 96 feet 5 inches; length on water-line 81 feet 7 1/2 inches; beam 15 feet; draft 13 feet 6 inches; depth of hold 11 feet 9 inches; length of mast from deck to hounds 52 feet; topmast 44 feet 6 inches; boom 70 feet; gaff 44 feet; ...

... bowsprit outboard 36 feet 6 inches; spinnaker-boom 64 feet; total ballast 72 tons; ballast on keel 70 tons; sail area 7150 square feet. She carried a reefing bowsprit. Her racing measurement was 83.50 feet.

Her frame was of steel, and she was planked with oak, being the first yacht of composite build to sail for the cup. Keelson, stringers, and strengthening plates were all of steel. Genesta was a most ship-shape craft. Her deck fittings presented various novelties, and on deck an appearance of lightness and elegance was everywhere noticeable.

She had a fine cabin, fitted up lightly and elegantly, a ladies' cabin aft, and spacious accommodations for the captain, crew, and steward. The whole interior length of the yacht was utilized. The hull was coppered to within a few feet of her covering board. Her rigging was of English style, with runners, runner pennants, and runner tackles to brace aft the mast, also preventer back-stays. She carried a mainsail, club- and working-topsails, forestaysail, jib, jib-topsail, balloon-jibs, balloon jib-topsail, and spinnaker, all made by Lapthorne.

Genesta's deck gained in length in appearance from the fineness of her ends, her counter being the narrowest and lightest seen on any cutter of the same size up to that time. The dead-rise of Puritan and Genesta differed greatly, Genesta being wedge-shaped, while Puritan had a fuller and more rounding hull.

Genesta (1885) half hull wooden hand crafted


GENESTA : Data Table
Designer John Beavor-Webb
Builder D. & H. Henderson & Company, Glasgow
Owner Sir Richard Sutton
Club Royal Yacht Squadron
Cup Edition 5(1885)
Launching 1884
Type Keel cutter
Hull material Composite
Mast material Wood
L.O.A. 29.45 m
L.W.L. 24.70 m
Beam 4,57 m
Draft 4,09 m
Mast 19.10 m
Topmast 15.24 m
Boom 21,94 m
Bowsprit fitted out, 10.90 m
Displacement 141 tons
Sail area 643,50 m²
End of life Broken up in 1900


She proved herself a sturdy, able sea boat, as the following extract from a letter written to a friend by Captain Saunders, her navigator, testifies:

Antique Print of 1887 Jubilee Yacht Race GenestaThe Genesta is a wonder. I have never seen her equal as a sea boat. The voyage was a continued series of surprises to me in the way of her marvelous performance under adverse circumstances. We had heavy, strong, and baffling contrary winds nearly all the way over, and heavy seas, and it was amazing to see that little devil get through the water. She traveled 3300 miles in 19 days 10 hours, an average of about seven knots, against heavy seas all the way over.

The entire passage was made under reefed sails, with the exception of two or three brief intervals only. The boat's behavior throughout was beautiful. It couldn't have been better, and every day developed some new good quality in her.

Lines of Genesta


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