Category: 1886 : CHALLENGE N°6

A strange couple defied the N.Y.Y.C.

At the conclusion of the races of Puritan and Genesta, the New York Yacht Club took up the challenge of Lieut. William Henn of the Galatea, and at a meeting held October 22d, 1885, definitely accepted it, fixing the races for the following year. The conditions arranged for the races were practically the same as those in the 1885 series.

Where is Peggy ??If the Puritan-Genesta match had been a satisfactory one, and relations with Sir Richard Sutton pleasant, the race the following year was productive of just as good feeling; and these two matches did much to reestablish the harmony in international yachting affairs that the Ashbury incident and the Atalanta-Mischief race had broken.

After Genesta’s return to England the challenge on behalf of Galatea, which was withdrawn in 1885, was renewed by the Royal Northern Yacht Club of Great Britain, and accepted by the New York Yacht Club, suitable terms for a series of three races to be held in September, 1886, being easily agreed to. They were very much the same as those of the Puritan-Genesta match with boats likenesses drawn by the same architects.

But there is something unusually for this period: Lieut. William Henn is accompanied by his wife. Mrs. William Henn behaved as the perfect hostess on land or at sea. And any guest realised it at once when he came down inside Galatea, arriving in a luxurious saloon, furnished tastefully, draped by rich hangings and leopard-skin rugs, decorated with potted plants and precious objects. And to keep Mrs. Henn, the only woman on board, company, there were dogs and even a monkey, Peggy, the mascot who reacted to the slightest nautical maneuver aboard.