THE GRAPHIC October 7, 1893 - The Old Print ShopUnlucky Challenger for America's Cup 1893

After an aborted first challenge with the "Old Valkyrie," Lord Dunraven returns to the attack in 1893 with Valkyrie II.
Valkyrie was designed by George L. Watson and was built by D. &: W. Henderson & Company at Partick on the Clyde.

She was of composite build, steel frame and wood planking. She was launched on April 29, 1893 and her sole owner was Wyndham Thomas-Wyndham Quin, Earl of Dunraven and Mountearl, of Dunraven Castle, Brigend, Glamorganshire, Ireland. Her sailing-master was Capt. William Cranfield.

American yachtsmen believed they had in Valkyrie II a boat worthy of die best we could put against her. Like Thistle, she was preceded by stories of victories on the other side that showed her to be "a demon in light airs and a very devil in a blow."

Valkyrie II arrived September 22d. She was twenty-nine days eighteen hours in coming from Cowes, having experienced high winds and rough seas, and less than two weeks were left after her arrival before the date of the first race, scant time to test her racing rig and enable the boat to "find herself."

Races for America's Cup

Spinnaker Letting Go by Barlow Moore depicts Watson's Valkyrie II losing the 1893 Americas Cup to Nat Herreshoff's Vigilant- from 5 to 13 october 1893, at New York.
- Best three out of five races.
- Starting either from Scotland or Sandy Hook light- vessels.
- The course of the first third and fifth to be to windward or leeward, fifteen miles; the second and fourth a triangle, the first leg to windward if possible.
- All contests to be thirty nautical miles.
- One day to intervene between races.

Valkyrie II vs Vigilant, Defender of New York Yacht Club.
: three sailed.
Results : Vigilant beat Valkyrie II by three wins to nul.

- October 7, 1st race, 30 miles, windward-leeward : Vigilant beat Valkyrie II by 5 minutes 48 sec corrected time.
- October 9, 2nd race, 30 miles, triangle : Vigilant beat Valkyrie II by 10 minute 35 sec corrected time.
- October 13, 3rd race, 30 miles, windward-leeward : Vigilant beat Valkyrie II by 40 sec corrected time.One of the best race in the history of the Cup.

Premonitory collision between Valkyrie II, Britannia and Vendetta

Valkyrie, Vendetta and Britannia in collision


Sad end

Valkyrie II existed for barely a single year. On July 5, 1894 this Cup contender collided with A. D. Clarke’s cutter yacht Satanita at the Mud Hook Regatta on the Firth of Clyde, killing one crewman. (Must verify because the New York Times on July 6, 1894 does not mention this).

Valkyrie II broke up and sank nine minutes later.