Werner, Carol & Mike - USA (2)

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WernerCMV We are photographers and graphic artists who have been producing commercial and editorial stock images for over thirty years.
Carol has a degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota. Mike has a Master's degree in geochemistry from Iowa State.

We met at New York University during Peace Corps training for the Somalia 1 project. After teaching two years in Somalia, we traveled through Egypt, the Middle East and Europe, all the while building our image collection. Two years teaching in California and it was off to the University of Hawaii's East-West Center to prepare for living and teaching in the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, as it was known at the time. We taught at Marshall Islands High School on Majuro, MI.

We got our start in photography selling prints and other photo products at galleries in Monterey and Carmel, CA. This resulted in the publication of our book, "How to Create and Sell Photo Products", by Writer's Digest Books. Although we are now primarily stock image makers, we still sell products through,, Red, and our Zazzle stores.

No matter where we've lived and worked we've almost always shared our lives with our fotokats.

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