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BlakeADVA D Blake was born and lives on the coast of New Zealand. He has always been intensely interested and involved with yachting and fascinated with yachting design and construction. He first commanded a yacht at age six, the New Zealand "P" Class dinghy and has been racing a variety of yachts competitively since then.

Anthony Blake graduated with a Master of Engineering (First Class Honours) and discovered his artistic passion and talent once his university studies were completed. PeterBlakeHe is artistically self taught; partly by closely studying the techniques and paintings of those Old Masters and Impressionist artists that he admires.

His family has deep roots in maritime history with sailing ship captains in both his and his wife's families. He was fascinated by the stories of his wife's grandfather of his voyages around the world as captain of a sailing ship. His brother, the late Sir Peter Blake, was one of the world's revered sailors. Tony presently races the 59ft gaff- rigged cutter, "Thelma" designed and built in New Zealand in 1897 and restored to perfection in 2006. He has just stepped down as chairman of the New Zealand Classic Yacht Association and is passionate about preserving these beautiful historic boats.

His paintings have been published in many books and magazines and reside in corporate and private collections worldwide including the New York Yacht Club, the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and the Herreshoff Marine Museum.

Anthony D. Blake - 60 PAINTINGS
The trial of speed. "America" sails against "Maria" on New York Harbor, 1851.
"America" leaves LeHavre, France, for Cowes, England, July 31st, 1851.
"A close race. "Aurora", "Beatrice" and "America" pass Osborne House, August 22nd, 1851"
The America's Cup beginning
The America passing the Victoria and Albert off the Needles, Isle of Wight, during the race for the Royal Yacht Squadron Cup
Fair Wind To Victory
There is no second: The schooner "America" crossing the finishing line off The Castle, Cowes, Isle of Wight
The "America" crosses the finish line
A Great Victory."America" finishes first off the Castle, Cowes, Isle of Wight, August 22nd, 1851.
Schooner America and Sloop of War Marion leave Boston in the Summer of 1863
The AMERICA and sloop of war MARION leave Boston in the summer of 1863
"America" and "Constitution" leave Newport in the summer of 1865.
"Magic" and "Cambria" sail into Newport Harbor, 1870.
Dauntless and the Brooklyn Bridge in New York
"Magic" leads "America" and "Cambria" past Fort Wadsworth, America
Light Airs
Sappho passing through Livonia's lee during the fourth race for the America's Cup
"America" sails into Newport with the N.Y.Y.C. and E.Y.C. fleets, August 15th, 1880."
The America at Newport
PURITAN Passing GENESTA in the Second Race for the America's Cup, September 16th, 1885
"A Salute To Victory. "Puritan", the successsful defender of the 1885 America's Cup, sails up the East River, New York."
DAUNTLESS, at the Start of the Transatlantic Race of 1887
Mid Summer Calm Marblehead MA Yachts Fortuna ,Volunteer & Bedouin
Marblehead Summer. August 1887
America entering Marblehead Harbour after the combined Eastern Yacht Club / New York Yacht Club Regatta
Volunteer leads "Thistle" in the first race for the America's Cup
Volunteer rounds the windward mark ahead of Thistle during the second America's Cup race of 1887
"Volunteer" runs towards "Thistle," during the second race for the America's Cup 1887.
Puritan leads the fleet out of Marblehead Harbor
Jubilee leads Colonia and Pilgrim around the markboat, 1893
Yacht BRITANNIA Racing Off Cowes
'Britannia' Leading the Fleet Up the Solent
'Britannia' Off Coves in 1893
Vigilant and Valkyrie II. America's Cup, October 13th, 1893
Vigilant and Valkyrie II
"A Race To Remember. "Vigilant" and "Valkyrie II", Race 3, America's Cup, October 13th, 1893."
Defender to windward of Valkyrie III during the first race for the America's Cup
Columbia leads Shamrock I during race 3 for the America's Cup, 1899
Columbia passes Shamrock I during race 3 of the America's Cup 1899
America's Cup, 1899, Race 3
Columbia passes to windward of Shamrock I during the third race of the America's Cup, 1899
Columbia leads Shamrock
Sailing Along the Coastline
SHAMROCK II tacks just ahead of COLUMBIA during the America's Cup, race 2, October 3rd, 1901
"Reliance", "Columbia" and "Constitution" hoisting sail off Fort Adam, Newport 1903."
Reliance leading "Shamrock III", Race 2 America's Cup. August 25, 1903
Mayflower leaves Nantucket, 1904.
VIGILANT Leads ISTALENA, AURORA and AVENGER to the Finish of the Astor Cup, August 8, 1908
Resolute crosses Shamrock IV's bow during the third race for the America's Cup, 1920
Trial Sail, 1934. Endeavour and Rainbow
Drifting Match
Rainbow defending the America's Cup against Endeavour I, race 1, September 17, 1934.
Endeavour and Rainbow
"Ranger" leads the J Class fleet off Marblehead in 1937.
Yankee Challenges Ranger
"Endeavour II" and "Ranger" at the start of the 3rd America's Cup race, 1937.
Breaking Out the Spinnaker: RANGER Leads ENDEAVOUR II Around Vineyard Sound Lightship, August 21, 1937
Ranger leading Endeavour 2, Yankee and Endeavour past Gay Head, Martha's Vineyard
"Ranger" leads the "J" Class fleet in the race from Mattapoisett to Edgatown, 1937