AJKenealyVFrom Brian Kenealy

Ahmed John Kenealy was born in 1856, first of E.V.H. Kenealy's 12 children. He was married in England to a Marie, and then emigrated to USA in about 1880.He has two daughters, Cathleen and Viola, born 1882 and 1883 respectively in New York and the family was living in Midland Twp, Bergan NJ in 1900. Having commanded ships across the Atlantic for many years, Ahmed, who adopted the title Captain, was shipping correspondent for the NY Herald.


WPStephensVWilliam P. Stephens, long known as the "Dean of American Yachtsmen", and "The grand old man of American Yaching" was born in Philadelphia, Aug. 5, 1854. He was a graduate of Rutgers Preparatory School and Rutgers College in 1873 with a Bachelor of Science Degree.

His interests were mechanics, yachting, railroads, and opera. He first became interested in boating while in college, and later built his first boat, a Rob Roy Canoe.


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