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Shamrock Was Leading Columbia When Race Was Called Off.

LogoNYT Oct. 1st, 1901 - The next meeting of the yachts, on Tuesday, October 1st, was fruitless, there not being enough wind in which to finish the race.


The course was triangular, thirty miles, and was laid E., S. S.W. 1/2 W., and W. N.W. V2 W. The wind at the start was about four knots, the sea smooth, and the weather warm and sunny. The maneuvering for the start was sharper even than on September 28th, both boats being jibed half a dozen times as they sailed distorted circles in close company about the line, each endeavoring to obtain a position that would command the weather gauge at gun-fire.

Such consummate skill in handling yachts made the start most exciting, even in the light breeze, and all eyes in the fleet were on the vessels when they came to the line on the starboard tack a few seconds ahead of the gun. Shamrock then had the better position, ahead and on Columbia's weather-bow; but she reached the line ahead of the gun and was recalled, keeping off and crossing farther along the line. This gave Columbia a chance to luff and go over in the windward berth almost with the gun. Capt. Sycamore might have bettered his start after the recall by jibing and taking a fresh start at the windward end of the line, within the two minutes allowed for a second start under the club rules, but he did not profit by the rule, doubtless because it is not used in England, and possibly also because Sir Thomas had unsuccessfully urged that it be set aside in the races.

After the start Columbia was pinched hard, but Shamrock was given a good full, and sailed well. As the wind was fluky, and seemed inclined to haul southerly, the yachts worked out so far to southward of their course as to nearly cross the course for the home leg. They then made a reach for the first mark, as the wind had hauled to east of south. Shamrock was favored by the change of wind, and was well sailed. She carried a lighter main-sail than formerly, and this helped her. Columbia was cleverly sailed, but lost some time by tacking unnecessarily across Shamrock's wake when reaching for the mark. Shamrock rounded the mark with a lead of 3 m. 20 s., having been 3 h. 41 m. 14 s. making ten miles.

In the middle of the second leg the race was called off, at 3.38, with Shamrock about half a mile in the lead and both vessels nearly becalmed.

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Publié le 2 oct. 1901
Shamrock Was Leading Columbia When Race Was Called Off.

Publié le 2 oct. 1901
Tantalizing Zephyrs Dally Alternately with Challenger and Defender Throughout the Course.

With the purpose of expediting the series Sir Thomas Lipton next day proposed that races be sailed every day, after the next meeting of the yachts, until the series was concluded. An agreement to this effect between the New York Yacht Club and Royal Ulster Yacht Club committee was signed Wednesday, October 2d, with the provision that should either contestant at the end of a race desire not to sail on the following day, one day should intervene before starting the next race.