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Enterprise (left) homeward bound, passing Shamrock V outward bound, in the first raceCONDITIONS GOVERNING THE RACES FOR THE AMERICA'S CUP, 1930

Conditions to govern the races for the America's Cup, under the challenge of the Royal Ulster Yacht Club, dated 28th May, 1929, as agreed upon by the committees of the Royal Ulster Yacht Club and the New York Yacht Club.

NOTE: Wherever time is referred to in these Conditions it is Daylight Saving Time.

1. Date of Races:
    The first race shall be sailed on Saturday, September 13th, 1930, and the races shall be sailed on every succeeding weekday, provided however that immediately on the conclusion of each race, or upon a race being called off for the day, the Race Committee shall enquire of each contestant whether he is willing to start the next day. Should either contestant reply in the negative one day shall intervene before starting the next race. Sunday shall not count as such intervening day.
2. Number of Races:
    The match shall be decided by the best four out of seven races.
3. Courses:
    Races shall be started from a mark anchored nine nautical miles S. E. (Magnetic) from the Brenton Reef Light Vessel.
      First Race — Fifteen nautical miles to windward or leeward and return.
Second Race — A triangle with approximately ten nautical miles to the side.
Third Race — Fifteen nautical miles to windward or leeward and return.
Fourth Race — A triangle with approximately ten nautical miles to the side.
Fifth Race — Fifteen nautical miles to windward or leeward and return.
Sixth Race — A triangle with approximately ten nautical miles to the side.
Seventh Race — Fifteen nautical miles to windward or leeward and return.
    All races to be started to windward if in the opinion of the Race Committee it is possible.
    The compass direction of the courses to be signaled as early as possible and the Tug bearing the marks to be started not less than ten minutes prior to the Warning Signal.
4. Signals:
    The warning signal shall be made ten minutes before start.
Five minutes after the warning signal the preparatory signal shall be made.
Five minutes after the preparatory signal the starting signal shall be made.
The time of the starting signal shall be taken as the time of the start of both yachts.
5. Start:
    The warning signal shall be given as nearly as practical at 11:30 a.m.
    No race shall be started after 1:30 p.m.
6. Postponements:
    The time of the warning signal shall not be changed except as follows:
      a. By the Race Committee in case of fog.
      b. By the Race Committee if, in their opinion, the space around the starting line is not sufficiently clear at the time appointed for the start.
      c. By the Race Committee if, in their opinion, the wind is so light or fickle that it is not practical to determine a windward or leeward course.
      d. If in the opinion of the Race Committee the weather shall be, at the time appointed for the start of any race, or threaten to be, of such severe character as not to afford a reasonable opportunity of fairly testing the speed of the two yachts, the race may be postponed in the discretion of the Race Committee.
      e. In case of serious accident to either vessel as hereinafter provided.
7. Time Limit:
    If in any race neither yacht goes over the course in five and a half hours such race shall not count and shall be resailed.
8. Unfinished Races:
    An unfinished race or a race resulting in a tie shall be repeated until finished.
9. New York Yacht Club Rules to Govern:
    The 1930 measurement, scantling and racing rules of the New York Yacht Club shall govern the races, except insofar as the same may be inconsistent with the provisions of this agreement.
      Scantlings :
        a. In the application of Lloyd's Rules for the Construction and Classification of Composite and Steel yachts (1927) the provisions of Sections II and 13, hereinafter quoted, shall apply, viz.,
          "Where yachts are designed for racing under the International Rating Rules, the length may be measured at a height above the water line of 1.5 per cent, of the length of the load water line."
          "Where yachts are designed for racing under the International Rating Rules, the depth as measured above may be reduced 10 per cent."
      Fixtures and Fittings :
        b. Doors, bulkheads, galley and forecastle fixtures and fittings need not be carried.
        c. A water tank or tanks of the aggregate capacity of 400 gallons shall be carried and kept in place.
        d. The usual plumbing appurtenances to the number of three shall be installed and carried.
10. Mainsails:
    Mainsails shall be jib-headed.
11. Time Allowance:
    There shall be no time allowance.
12. Rating:
    Yachts shall not rate over 76 feet.
13. Selecting the Defender of the Cup:
    At least one week before the first race the Challenger shall be informed of the yacht selected to defend the Cup
14. Accidents:
    (1) In case a serious accident occurs to either vessel prior to the preparatory signal, she shall have such time, not exceeding in any event four weeks, as the committees representing the two clubs shall determine to be reasonable to effect repairs before being required to start, or if such accident occur during a race, before being required to start in the next race; but no such allowance of time to repair shall permit of any race being sailed after October 31, 1930.
    (2) If either yacht be disqualified in any race, such race shall be awarded to the other yacht, whether or not she shall complete the course.
    (3) If through the fault of either yacht, the other be destroyed or so injured as to be incapable of repair, and the latter shall be free from fault, the match shall be awarded to her.
15. Representatives:
    Each Club shall by its Committee name a representative who shall be present at all measurements and shall be on board the yacht representing the other Club during all races.
16. Measurement:
    In order to establish the load water-line plane, the competing yachts shall be measured with all dead weights on board which they intend to carry during a race, but without crew, and the load water-line thereby determined shall be the basis of the established load water-line plane.
    Not less than seven days before the first race, the measurement certificates of both yachts, signed by the Measurer of the New York Yacht Club, shall be filed with the Secretary of the New York Yacht Club.
    If either yacht in any way changes her L. W. L. or sail plan as officially taken she must obtain a remeasurement by special appointment before the next race, and must report the alteration to the Measurer, at the Club Station at Newport by 9 p.m., of the day before the race following such alteration, and must arrange with him for remeasurement, and, if required, be in Brenton Cove by six (6) o'clock a.m., of the day of said race, and there remain until seven (7) a.m., if necessary for purposes of inspection of marks or remeasurement.
    If either yacht shall take in or remove ballast or dead weight, she must notify the Measurer and be at his disposition for inspection of marks or remeasurement as above described.
    All measurements certified to by the Measurer shall be final and not be subject to protest by either party.
    In the event of the Measurer being unable to obtain a measurement which he considers accurate before a race, a remeasurement shall be taken as soon as possible after the race.
      By Richard A. Barbour,
          Hon. Secretary.
      By G. A. CORMACK,