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CouchSMVBlessed with an inherited passion for maritime subjects through his family’s nautical heritage, the art of Shane Couch harkens back to the works of the finest 19th century marine artists. The subject he holds in the highest regard and has in common with artists such as James E. Buttersworth, Thomas Hoyne and Montague Dawson: yesteryear’s greatest sailing yachts.

The sea has held Couch’s fascination, from the stories of the naval experiences of his elders, to growing up in the storied port of Liverpool. Early on he developed a fondness for the works of Liverpool master Samuel Walters. While working as an aeronautical engineer, he pursued his art, and began showing at the Isle of Wight, Cowes in 1992. Within two years he established himself as a full-time professional artist.

Full of exacting detail, he expands beyond mere draftsmanship to impart creative, fluid visions of the sea and superb compositional arraignments. His theory is that the yachts must be painted as they were built, in layers from the keel up, and this methodology keeps his output quite limited, but worth owning and sought the world over. We feel he is among the best of today’s marine artists, with outstanding market potential, and Vallejo Gallery is pleased to represent him.

I was born in Lancashire near Liverpool England in 1963. I inherited a deep love of the sea from my father whose Cornish roots spread back many hundreds of years.
After school I pursued a career as an aero-nautical engineer for 14 years. Throughout these years the sea drew me to it during any spare time. It exercised an almost hypnotic obsession with me.

CouchSM1After painting for some years in my spare time, selling largely to work colleagues , by 1992 I began to show in local galleries. Meeting with a good response I took my work to the Marine Gallery in Cowes on the Isle of Wight where I was warmly received. Striking up a good relationship with the proprietor who actively promoted my work resulting in my embarkation on the unknown path of the professional “Yachting and Historic Marine artist” in June 1994.

In 1996 I moved to Cowes on the Isle of Wight the world famous centre of yachting where I met my wife Kathryn. Living and working on the Isle of Wight surrounded by the sea I am inspired where ever I go. During this time I developed outlets for my work in England and America exploring new ideas and techniques.

In 1997 I was commissioned by the German Yachting Historian Dr Christin Lammerting to depict the German Kaisers Yachts, the 5 Meteors racing together, to be used for her new book “Meteor”. The success of this painting lead to a number of other paintings being commissioned and used to illustrate her book.

In 2000 I was again commissioned by a prominent London Gallery to produce a series of large paintings to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the America’s Cup . These paintings formed an exhibition at the Jubilee celebration at Cowes. The exhibition was attended by yachtings most influential figures. It was a great success and was included in the New York Yacht Clubs commemorative book of the event and was the subject of an article in “Country Life”

I am entirely self-taught, never having a formal art lesson. Nature has been my great teacher combined with hours at the easel.
Over the years my work has been sold in all the major Auction Houses in London including Christies, Sotheby’s and Bonham’s. I am currently represented in America by a number of exclusive galleries on both the West and East Coast.

The Sea and the action of wind and light over its surface have long been an important part of my Historic Marine paintings. The painting of the sea is often a welcome break from the graphic accuracy of the yachts. I play with texture and colour as I attempt to recreate this fluid and reflective element. It is the studies I have done as a preparation for my larger Historic Marine pieces that have developed into the seascapes.


Shane M. Couch - 72 PAINTINGS
America and Maria Racing in New York Harbor
AMERICA vs MARIA - New York Harbor, 1851
Yacht America in Boston Harbour
The famous schooner yacht America in the East River, New York
Cambria and the Ashbury Cup Newport 1870
Palmer and Idler rounding the Block Island Buoy, Newport R.I, 1870
The American schooner Sappho off the Needles, Isle of Wight
Idler in New Yok Harbour 1870
"Magic" vs "America" 1870
The first defence of the America's Cup, 8th August, 1870: Magic, Cambria, America, Dauntless and Idler racing in the Narrows
MAGIC And The First Defence, August 8th, 1870
Sappho off Sandy Hook 1870
The first defence of the America's Cup, 8th August 1870: Magic rounding Sandy Hook light vessel
Dauntless ahead of Sappho off the Battery in New York Harbour
Clash of the Leviathians: Dauntless racing Sappho off the New England coast
Citizens cup race, Newport R.I., August 28th 1871 with Sappho, Columbia and Dauntless
Sappho Victorious
The schooner America leaving Nantucket Harbour July 1874
'Mohawk' and 'Madeline' Off New York 1875
1876 America's Cup Winner Madelaine in N.Y Harbour
The America's Cup, 11th August, 1876 - Madeleine versus Countess of Dufferin: Madeleine racing off Sandy Hook
The schooners, Norseman, Magic, Resolute and America in Marblehead harbour in the 1880s
The Sloop 'Gracie', in Boston Harbour 1881
Genesta, Irex and Margorie racing during Cowes Week, 1884
Dauntless in the East River 1885
Dauntless in New York harbour, 1885
Puritan and Priscilla
Yachts Puritan, Priscilla & Bedouin During 1885 America's Cup Trials
Yacht America in New York Narrows 1886
Volunteer vs Mayflower EYC Regatta 1887 Marblehead
Volunteer racing Mayflower in Marblehead
Goelet Cup, 1887
Goelet Cup, 1887
Volunteer and Thistle New York Harbour 1887
Challenge from the Clyde off New York 1887, Thistle and Volunteer
Dauntless and the 1888 Autumn Regatta of the NYYC
FORTUNA and the Fleet, Newport Regatta 1890
Herreshoff's Vigilant and the Goelet Cup
Elmina and Colonia
Vigilant vs Valkyrie 1893 Americas Cup
Britannia racing Satanita and Valkyrie II around the Needles, 1894
A close start, Britannia vs Vigilant 1894
A close start, Britannia vs Vigilant 1894
Vigilant racing Britannia off the Lepe 1894
Britannia and Valkyrie (II) thundering across the line at Cowes, 1893
Defender and Vigilant on East River, New York 1895
the 1895 Americas cup trials between the new Herreshoff designed sloop "Defender" and the1893 cup defender "Vigilant"
Herreshoff Colonia
Herreshoff Defender Columbia
Herreshoff defender Defender
Herreshoff Defender Vigilant
Columbia vs Defender 1899
The Herreshoff Defenders
The Herreshoff Americas Cup Defenders 1899
Columbia vs Shamrock 1899 Americas Cup
COLUMBIA & CORONA, July 28, 1901
Rounding the Mark
The selection trials for the 1930 Americas Cup.
Birth of the J Class
J Class Yacht Rainbow 1934
Britannia racing Endeavour and Velsheda off "Back of the Wight"
J Class Rainbow racing Yankee in Americas Cup 1934 trial
J Class Endeavours trial races with Velsheda
Battle of the Js, Endeavour vs Velsheda, 1934
J Class 1934 Endeavour, Velsheda and Shamrock V racing in Osborne Bay
J class racing in Osborne Bay 1934. Endeavour,Yankee, Shamrock V and Velsheda.
'Ranger v Endeavour America's Cup 1937'
1937 americas Cup trials, Ranger vs Rainbow
J Class Running up the Solent