IndepenceLinesVIn 1901, there are two yacht designers engaged in the task of defending the "America" Cup, and the yacht which is being built from Mr. Crowninshield's designs is of a type very widely diferent from what might be called the typical Herreshoff model. The "Independence" is an attempt to apply to the 90 foot yacht a form of hull which has been developed of late years in the keen competition between small craft of 15 and 20-foot waterline.

In no branch of yachting has greater ingenuity or freer inventiveness been shown than by the designers of these little "raters." A wide variety of models, many of them positively grotesque, have been built and tested: boats of great beam and enormous overhang, flat-ended boats, boats with wing ballast, others with keel ballast, and others with none at all ; while out of the competition there has been evolved what is known as the scow-form of yacht, which is, for its size, by far the fastest sail-driven craft with a single hull in the world. The "scow" has enormous overhangs, a flat floor and a hard bilge. Her beam is ridiculously wide; when she is heeled her model is such that her sailing-length is almost doubled, while the weather half of the boat, lifted often entirely out of the water, is depended upon to give the boat stability.

IndepenceStructThe "Independence" is practically of a modified scow form with the deep fin-keel and lead ballast of the typical 90-footer hung beneath it. When she heels to a breeze her sailing length will be increased far beyond that of any previous cup contestant, and unless there is any serious difficulty with the steering and control of the boat when there is any weight in the wind, the great spread of sail which she will be able to carry, coupled with her relatively small displacement, should render her an extremely fast yacht.

The dimension of the boat are as follows : Length over all, 140 feet 10 ½ inches ; length on water line, 90 feet ; overhang forward, 27 feet 5 ½ inches ; overhang aft, 23 feet 5 inches ; beam, extreme, 23 feet 11 ½ inches ; beam at water line, 23 feet 5 inches ; draft, extreme, 20 feet ; freeboard at stemhead, 6 feet 11 inches ; freeboard at taffrail, 4 feet 8 inches : freeboard, least, 4 feet ; deck beam at forward end of water line, 15 feet ; deck beam at after end of water line, 18 feet 9 inches ; beam at taffrail, 11 feet 8 inches ; area of lateral plane, 772.6 feet ; area of midship section, 117.9 feet ; area of L. W. L. plane, 1,771.5 feet ; wetted surface, with small rudder, 2,913.5 feet ; with large rudder, 2,956 feet ; displacement, 146.76 tons.

Independence : DATA TABLE
Designer B. B. Crowninshield
Builder George Lawley & Son, Boston
Owner Thomas W. Lawson
Club Hull Yacht Club
Cup Edition 11 (1901)
Skipper Henry C. HAFF,
Launching May 18th, 1901
Hull material Bronze, steel and aluminum
Mast material Steel
L.O.A. 140 feet 10,5 inches
L.W.L. 89,16 feet
Beam 23,5 feet
Draft 20 feet
Mainmast 80,96 feet
Mainboom 111,36 feet
Maintopmast 57 feet
Maingaff 64,44 feet
Displacement 146,7 tons (lead 75 tons)
Sail area 13816,91 square feet
Rating 103,35
End of life Sept. 3, 1901: dismantled then scrapped.


The Lawson History of the America's Cup - Winfield M. Thompson, Thomas W. Lawson - Google Livres


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