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The Sloop Galatea by James Edward ButtersworthThe Galatea

The Galatea was owned by Lieut. William Henn, an enthusiastic yachtsman who had been in the Royal Navy for fifteen years and who (while yet a young man) had retired some ten years before so that he might devote more time to his favorite pastime.

As has been said, the Galatea, designed by Mr. Beavor Webb, was built in 1885, the year after Genesta, and was raced that season in English waters.
GALATEA vs. MAYFLOWER. America’s Cup 1886 - Donald DemersShe was somewhat larger than Genesta, being 12 feet longer over all. Her general dimensions were: Length waterline, 86 feet 10 inches; length over all, 102 feet 7 inches; beam, 15 feet, and draft, 13 feet 6 inches, while she spread 7751 square feet of canvas, exclusive of light sails. She was a regular "lead mine" of ballast, having 81 tons run into her keel. She was built of steel, the first challenger in which this material was used, and she was jocularly referred to here as the "tin frigate".

Unlike the Genesta, she was singularly unsuccessful at first in her home waters, and did not show up as well as her designer had expected. After her first season some alterations, principally in her ballast, were made and she did much better. Her owner, and also her designer, had great faith in her; yet judging from her performance in these waters she was not as fast as Genesta, Certainly she did not push Mayflower as hard as Genesta did Puritan, and Puritan could always give Mayflower a good race.

Galatea : DATA TABLE
Designer John Beavor-Webb
Builder John Reid & Sons - Glasgow
Owner Lieutenant William Henn et Madame
Club Royal Northern Yacht Club
Cup Edition 6 (1886)
Skipper Daniel BRADFORD,
Launching May 1st, 1885
Type Keel cutter
Hull material Iron
Mast material Iron
L.O.A. 31,22 m
L.W.L. 26,45 m
Beam 4,57 m
Draft 4,16 m
Mainmast 19,47 m
Mainboom 22,25 m
Bowsprit 11,46 m
Maintopmast 15,54 m
Maingaff 14,02 m
Displacement 158 tons
Sail area 720 m²
Rating 86,87 feet
End of life January 1912: sold for scrap and broken up the same month


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