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Currier & Ives yachting prints1885

Galatea was the second challenger designed by John Beavor-Webb for Lieutenant William Henn.
Launched on May 1885, it raced fifteen times in Great Britain, but did not win any of them. The boat had many troubles, including a spectacular dismasting.

After some alterations, a new mast fitting, and ballast, Galatea sailed three races before leaving for the United States. It finished two times in second place…

Le salon de GalateaGalatea sailed its Atlantic crossing on July 1st, 1886 with Mr. & Mrs. Henn aboard. The cruise was made without incident in light winds. They landed at Marblehead on August 1st, 1886, and then Galatea sailed to New York.

The New Yorkers were astonished when they first saw the challenger. Galatea was a true cruiser, aboard which Mrs. Henn was the perfect hostess on land or at sea.

The interior proved somewhat of a surprise to the visitor: a sumptuous main salon, tastefully furnished, wall drapes, leopard-skin rugs, decorated with potted plants and precious objects, and to keep Mrs. Henn company, dogs, and even a monkey, Peggy…

The yacht was far from the true racer that one would expect to race the Cup; and when Lieutenant Henn sailed off New York for the trials, only working sails were fitted…


America's Cup races

The Start: America's Cup Race Off Staten Island Sept. 7th 1886September 9 to 11, 1886, New York
Best two out of three races. Galatea vs. Mayflower

Alternating Inside & Outside Course as in 1871, but first leg to leeward and return leg to windward

Races: two sailed.

Galatea was beaten by Mayflower two wins to nil.

- September 9, 1st race, 32.6 miles, Inside Course: Mayflower beat Galatea by 12 minutes 02 sec in corrected time.
- September 11, 2nd race, 40 miles, Outside Course: Mayflower beat Galatea by 29 minutes 09 sec in corrected time

owner, Lieutenant William Henn, challenged General Paine for a private match sailed in the spring of 1887, off New York. It was raced in a strong breeze. Again Mayflower defeated the British challenger.

3460SSoon after, he sailed back to Great Britain

Mr. and Mrs. William Henn lived aboard Galatea, aboard which Lieutenant William Henn died in 1894.

Mrs. Henn stayed aboard Galatea where she permanently lived, until her death on 1911.

January 1912
was sold for scrap and broken up the same month…