Hoyne, Thomas Maclay (1923-1989) USA (1)

Catégorie : PEINTRES

HoyneTMV Having had a naval career in the Pacific Theatre as a gunner officer on the L.S.T. 48, Thomas Hoyne created paintings that reflect his experiences as well as his poetic feelings about the sea and its sailing and fishing vessels. Many believe that his greatest strength was his realistic depiction of ocean vessels, something that he worked at meticulously.

In 1983, Hoyne received the Rudolph J. Schaefer Award at the Mystic International, an award given to artists who best document the country's marine heritage.

In order to be absolutely accurate, he commissioned renowned ship modeler Erik Ronnberg to build models for ships that became subjects of paintings. "To capture the vessel's movement in water, Hoyne positioned the model in a tray of kitty litter, and then raked the kitty litter against the model as water would rake against a ship. These miniature seascapes were then sketched and photographed in order to produce possible compositions for paintings." (tfaoi). Using a similar method for figures, he posed and photographed himself in costumes, did a full-size drawing, and then traced it onto the canvas.

HoyneTM1Between June 16 and September 30, 2005, the Independence Seaport Museum of Philadelphia held a solo exhibition of forty-eight of Hoyne's paintings. Titled Fishing on the Grand Banks: the Marine Art of Thomas Hoyne, it also included artifacts from his studio such as ship models.

For much of his career, Thomas Hoyne was a commercial artist in Chicago, working for big companies such as Jolly Green Giant and Charmin. He also painted landscapes, cars and airplanes and did 16 portraits of Noble prize for Science winners. Then in mid life, after cancer diagnosis, he decided to follow his long time interest in marine art, something he did until his death in 1989.

His interests in marine subjects began during his childhood when he spent summers at his grandmother's place at Ogunquit, on the southeast coast of Maine. His grandmother introduced him to the famous marine painter, Gordon Grant, and he later visited his studios in New York and Gloucester.

Hoyne became a founding fellow of the American Society of Marine Artists.


On the Way to Glory

Signed by artist in pencil lower right. Titled lower margin. Pencil remarque lower left numbered 4/50. Numbered "505/550". 21 1/2" x 30" sight.