Bicke'l Evans, Shirley () USA (1)

Catégorie : PEINTRES

BickelSEVShirley Bickel Evans  learned to paint with seascape artists in Illinois. She has travelled around the world with her art and has illustrated 2 books. Her media are oil and pastels.


"It is a joy to welcome you to join me in my studio and to my on-line gallery of oil and pastel originals. All paintings are available for sale. The actual size of the painting without frame is shown. All are framed. Living in the Northwest I enjoy from my Condo sunrises over Mt. Hood, it’s effect on the Columbia River, and the after glow on Mt. Hood and colors of sunsets dancing on the river. Just a few hours drive and I am at the shores of the Pacific Ocean or the ever-changing mood of the Columbia Gorge. A delight to the eye! Not limited to the ocean for plein air painting, I include magnificent waterfalls, abundance of forests with winding paths, and swift and quiet streams. Recently I was able to add Brown County, Indiana to my historic painting sites. Please join me as we take a walk through my gallery."

I grew up in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois where my parents instilled in their three daughters an appreciation for music, the arts and anything creative. Mother was a concert pianist, Dad designed clocks, big and small. I will always be grateful for their gentle, helpful and encouraging guiding hand. As a young adult I would visit the Art Institute of Chicago to gaze in awe and bewilderment at the works of art. I determined to express my feelings with a paintbrush rather than words. My main source of inspiration the sky—billowy clouds, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, the mystery and romanticism of a moon rising. Putting down moods and motion in colors, colors unmatched in the artists’ palette, is my constant challenge. My paintings are personal statements of my love for the sky, sea, land, and people—statements characterized by bold, sweeping brush strokes alive with motion and color.



The America Overtaking the Aurora, 1851