De Martino, Edoardo (1838-1912) IT->UK (1)

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DeMartinoEVEdoardo De Martino or Edoardo Federico De Martino CVO (29 March 1838 – 12 May 1912) was an Italian-British painter, mainly active in London as a painter. He was born in Meta di Sorrento. He attended the Naval Academy in Naples, and was navigating officer on the corvette Ercole in South America when he resigned his commission.

He settled in Montevideo, Uruguay, and later in Porto Alegre, Brazil. In 1875 he moved to England, where he became a close friend of the Prince of Wales; in 1894, Queen Victoria appointed him Marine Painter-in-Ordinary (he was the last to hold that appointment). His connection with the court brought him patronage from other crowned heads and members of the royal family.

DeMartinoE2His depictions of famous British naval victories and ships were highly prized, including by Queen Victoria. He painted depictions of the naval battles of Trafalgar, of the Nile, and of Cape San Vincenzo. From 1905 onward, he painted also many Italian naval ships. He made a number of paintings during his travels, including of the Brazilian coast. He was appointed an Honorary Commander of the Royal Victorian Order in the 1902 Birthday Honours.

Edoardo De Martino died in London in 1912.
In August 2013, an exhibition by the Association of commercianti del Casale di Meta (NA) in Naples displayed many of his sketches and works.

Columbia and Shamrock I Off Sandy Hook

Oil on panel depicting the 1899 America's Cup race off Sandy Hook, New Jersey
with J. Pierpont Morgan's "Columbia" chasing Sir Thomas Lipton's "Shamrock I."
Pierpont's Yacht is in the background.
The painting is remarkably detailed and hangs in the New York Yacht Club.