Dutton, Thomas G. (1819-1891) (6+18)

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DuttonTGVThomas Goldsworth Dutton is considered not only the finest nineteenth century lithographer (and also one of the most prolific) to record shipping and shipping scenes, he is also a noted watercolorist and oil painter. He is most widely recognized for his lithographs, yet his excellent marine paintings are also widely collected when they can be found.

Original works by T.G. Dutton are considered today quite rare. His paintings of clipper ships, created generally for his lithographs were quite popular in his era. Today, they are seldom seen outside of the lithographs that still survive.

Active as an artist and lithographer in the years 1844-1878

In 1844, he described himself as a "Lithographic artist, marine draughtsman, and draughtsman on wood." His lithographs appear to have had their origin in water colours. He was an engraver but appears to have left the printing and hand colouring to others for much of his work, e,g. to Day & Son,MosquitoDuttonS for many years. His publisher through most of his career was William Foster who in the later years dedicated some of his work. He also exhibited at the Suffolk Street Galleries between 1858 and 1859. There are a snall number of lithoraphs engraved by Dutton of paintings by other artists, e,g., the steam auxiliary 'GREAT BRITAIN'' made in 1852 from a painting by Samuel Walters, the clipper 'SCHOMBERG' which was wrecked on its maiden voyage in 1855 from a painting by G.H. Andrews., and a painting of 'H.M.S. CALEDONIA 120guns, lying in Plymouth Sound' by H.A. Luscombe.

E.H.H.Archibald in his "Dictionary of Sea Painters" describes Dutton as "not only the finest 19th century lithographer of shipping scenes and ship portraits but happily the most prolific." The lithographs depicted below are mainly of ship portraits which would have been commissioned by ship owners (notably the Green's Blackwall Line and Anderso, Anderson's Orient Line) and ship's captains and are mostly broadside images.

He also made a large number of lithographs of ships of the Royal Navy and naval activities and actions, e.g. the British and French fleets in the Balyic,e.g., the war in the Crimea, and also a large number of no doubt commissioned lithographs of yachts and yacht races.


Thomas G. Dutton - 6 PAINTINGS
America on the Wind
The Schooner Yacht “America”
The Yacht America Winning the Royal Yacht Club Cup at Cowes
The Cambria winning Anglo American Yacht Race, 1868
Anglo-American Yacht Race of 1870


Arrow winning the cutter race at the Royal Cinque Ports regatta
Grief, the schooner yacht Wyvern, R.Y.S., 205 tones
The Iron Schooner Yacht Titania, 100 Tons
"America" Schooner Yacht NYYC 1851
The America Winning the Match at Cowes for the Club Cup
The Cutter Yacht Volante, 48 Tons... Constructed by Messrs Harvey & Son, Ipswich
The Sverige Published in Hunt's Yachting Magazine, January 1953
The cutter yacht Arrow R.Y.S. 102 Tons, rounding the distance boat off Yarmouth, in the match for Prince Albert's Cup, August 15th 1854
The Cutter Yacht Volante, 59 Tons, Winning the Royal Thames Yacht Club First Ocean Match at Harwich June 4th 1864
Schooner Yacht Cambria, 199 Tons.
Schooner Yacht Cambria, 199 Tons. Royal Harwich Yacht Club
Anglo-American Atlantic Yacht Race of 1870. Cambria in Mid-Ocean
Anglo-American Atlantic yacht race of 1870
Schooner Yacht Dauntless, 262 Tons, New-York Yacht Club
Schooner Yacht Livonia, 280 Tons O.M... Royal Harwich Yacht Club
Livonia, Schooner, second Challenger for the America's Cup