Gilbert, Joseph Miles (1799-1876) UK (1+2)

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GilbertJMVJoseph Miles Gilbert was born in London on 26th April 1799, son of Joseph and Matilda Ann Gilbert: he also reportedly had a younger brother, William, who became an Indian army officer and eventually a General. He first comes to notice as winning a silver medal...

...from the Royal Society of Arts in 1823 for a marine painting, among awards it made to encourage ‘polite arts’ and in other fields, at which time he was resident in Bristol.

GilbertJM1According to Graves's list of London exhibitors he showed two sea pieces, each, at the RA, the BI, and the Suffolk Street galleries (RSBA) between 1825 and 1855 [NB, however, that the Antique Collectors Club’s 1975 volume of artists exhibiting at the RSBA only mentions one 'Sea piece', by an 'M. Gilbert', with no address, in 1829]. This was from London addresses in the 1820s only, for all so far checked, and one work sent from Lymington, Hants, at the RA in 1855.

He married Lucy Squire (b.c.1809) at St Anne’s, Soho, on 7th August 1827 and about 1830 moved to Lymington, as shown from birth dates of their children. By about 1834 he seems to have been living in the parish of Boldre, where he appears as a 'marine and landscape artist' at 2 Holly Cottage in the 1851-1871 censuses. He and his wife had two daughters and four sons, all but the eldest (Lucy, b. Lymington) born at Boldre. Whether all survived to adulthood remains to be checked.

The picture "The 193 ton yacht ’Alarm’ in a light swell" seems to be the only oil in a UK public collection but he did work for lithography, notably 'Views of the principal Seats, and Marine and Landscape Scenery in the vicinity of Lymington, Hants, from original Pictures taken on the spot by J. M. Gilbert, Marine Painter', (a part publication begun in 1832) and 'The Experimental Squadron: a series of drawings on stone by L. Haghe, from paintings by J. M. Gilbert illustrative of H. M. [Queen Victoria's] visit to Spithead, July 15th, 1845' (2nd ed. 1846, noted in the Royal Collection). Both of these publications were lithographed by Louis Haghe. Gilbert died at Holly Cottage on 18th April 1876.


JM Gilbert - 3 Paintings
JM Gilbert
The ’Alarm’ Winning the Ladies Challenge Cup at Cowes, 14 August 1830
JM Gilbert
Schooner yacht America off Dunnose
JM Gilbert
The Schooner Yacht Alarm, R.Y.S. 248, Tons