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HammondCVCris Hammond is a nationally known artist, cartoonist and entrepreneur. His comic strip, “Speed Walker, Private Eye” was seen daily in over 150 newspapers across the country. His paintings of ships and the sea have appeared in galleries in Sausalito, San Francisco, Tiburon and Carmel California.

He led special effects teams to Academy Awards in motion pictures including Star Trek IV, Innerspace and The Abyss among others. In 1994 he founded what is now known as Workforce Logic, a company that specializes in defining the legal and tax liabilities associated with the contingent workforce. HammondC2In late 2001, after growing to revenues in excess of $100 million a year, he left the company and created PaparazziH2O, a web enabled, on-the-water yacht photography business. After winning international attention for his innovative use of new, and not so new, technologies, Cris sold the business in 2004 so he’d have time to see how much trouble he could get into on that barge in France.

Since then, Cris and his wife, Linda have been spending half of each year on their 56 foot Dutch barge Phaedra, exploring the canals and rivers of France, cooking, writing, painting and resetting their body clocks to a much slower pace. The rest of their time they are at home in Sausalito California, in their little Victorian studio by San Francisco Bay where he sells his paintings and she dotes on their new grandson.


HammondC1I've been doing art for a living since 1972. I took a brief hiatus from 1994 to 2001 to dip into the business world but that was long enough. In my career I've written and drawn a nationally syndicated comic strip, designed and built special effects for George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic, illustrated children's books, owned my own maritime art gallery, done action sailing photograpy on San Francisco Bay and all the time, I was painting.
I've generally had a wonderfully fulfilling life as an artist. Now I'm focusing on using all I've learned to try to capture and hold on to the beauty that I find all around.
I don't have a deep philosophy that inspires my art. I'm not trying to change the world with it. I've simply discovered that the more I look at the world with the eyes of an artist, the more beautiful it is. I hope to be able to do it justice..

Cris Hammond


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Cris Hammond
Legendary Yachts of Racing - "MAGIC v CAMBRIA"
Cris Hammond
Legendary Yachts of Racing - MADELEINE v COUNTESS OF DUFFERIN
Cris Hammond
Legendary Yachts of Racing - "RESOLUTE VS SHAMROCK"