Snell, Henry Bayley (1858-1943) UK->USA (2)

Catégorie : PEINTRES

SnellHBVPainter Henry Bayley Snell was born at Richmond in England on September 29, 1858. He emigrated to the United States at the age of seventeen and studied at the Art Students League in New York. He married English born artist Florence Francis in 1888. It is believed that the couple first came to Bucks County to visit the Lathrop's in 1898.

A member of the New Hope School's first generation, Henry Bayley Snell was an eminent landscape artist specializing in marine paintings. He became noted for his dock scenes of St. Ives in his native Cornwall, although he painted many American subjects, as well.

A beloved instructor at the Philadelphia School of Design for Women, now the Moore College of Art and Design, from 1899 to 1943, Snell often brought students to St. Ives to paint in the summer.

Henry Bayley Snell died at New Hope, Pennsylvania, on January 17, 1943.



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