Buckman, Edwin (1841-1930) UK (1)

Catégorie : PEINTRES

BuckmanEVEtcher, engraver, draughtsman illustrator, watercolourist and painter; studied in Birmingham, Paris and Italy, worked in London; drawing master to Queen Alexandra.
Began exhibiting in London in 1866.

By 1870 he exhibited regularly with the Royal Academy and the Royal Watercolour Society, becoming an ARWS in 1877. In 1869 he was one of the founding members of staff for The Graphic magazine, where his first illustrations were published. His depictions of the lives of the poor in London and the events of the Paris Commune earned him international attention, and it is known that they were admired by Vincent Van Gogh, who collected illustrations from the magazines and wrote about them in his letters.

"The International Ocean Yacht Race"

Medium: wood engraving
Year: 1870
Description: This is an original 1870 black and white in-text wood engraving of a work by Edwin Buckman of the 188 ton schooner, Cambria of the Royal Thames Yacht Club that challenged the Dauntless of the New York Yacht Club for the prestigious America's Cup trophy in 1870.