Peterson, Pete (1931-2002) USA (1)

Catégorie : PEINTRES

PetersonPVBorn in Denver, Colorado, in 1931, Peterson spent four years at sea with the U.S. Navy. His principal duty- as a hand on an ocean-going tug sailing the Aleutian Islands, North Pacific, Bering Sea and Arctic Ocean- imprinted the northern waters indelibly in his mind.

A return to civilian life allowed him to explore the coasts- from Bath, Maine to the Florida Keys, from San Diego to Point Barrow, Alaska. While his artistic talents found some expression in his work as draftsman, cartographer, industrial designer and architect, each was a means to an end painting.

Peterson has been particularly drawn to the transitional time of marine history- 1840 to 1930- when sails gave way to steam. He admires the grace and romance of the wind ships and the muscle of the workboats. Though his professional career does include portraiture, figure studies, landscapes, cloudscapes, and still life, images of water and wind always prevail.

Several times each year, Peterson leaves his Columbia, Missouri studio and returns to the country's coastal waters. Gathering facts from marine libraries, walking the docks and photographing current settings allow him to create the work he favors the fictitious, but feasible, scene. That point in time and place that could have occurred for the vessel I m painting. This commitment to authenticity has made him a new favorite of those who love traditional form, the lure of the past or simply the sea, itself.

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