Angius-Bursus, Bruno (-) ITA (3)

Catégorie : PEINTRES

AngiusBVBruno Angius - in art "Bursus" - is born in Rome, Italy. After completing his engineering studies at the Naval Academy of Leghorn and at the University of Pisa, he spent many years as a Navy Officer on board ships and ashore.

AngiusBPWhen he left the Navy in 1982, he was for several years an executive director in companies operating in the defense and transport fields, then he landed, by a quite fortuitous way, to the world of Painting.

At that point in time, with a basic knowledge of History of the Art and a strong and passionate feeling for the pictorial representation of the sea and of human emotions, Bursus began, as a self taught painter, his artistic path, based on Marine Subjects and Portraiture.

He lives in Rome where creates his paintings and continues, with passion and full dedication, the course of his artistic development. He signs his works with 'Bursus': his nickname when he was at the Naval Academy.


Bruno Angius-Bursus - 3 PAINTINGS
Bruno Angius-Bursus
Americas Cup 1870 - Cambria Vs. Magic
Bruno Angius-Bursus
America's Cup 1885
Bruno Angius-Bursus
J Class Regatta