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PlatjeMVMaarten Platje was born in Rotterdam in 1967.Already in his youth, the Dutch landscape with its waterways and ships was the subject of his drawings and paintings.

His hometown and later his hometown in the vicinity of the naval port of Den Helder played a role in this. The first artistic training took place at the Leiden art academy Ars Aemula Naturae in Leiden. His first recognition as a talent soon followed. His entry was awarded a 1st prize at an annual exhibition of marine painters in Den Helder.

Maarten Platje - Racing in the Solent 1926After his secondary education he sailed for 5 years as a sailor on ships of the Royal Navy. Undoubtedly, those years at sea further developed his talent for portraying the sea in all its manifestations on canvas. In the meantime, his national fame grew and his paintings were regularly featured in various magazines and books.

In 1996 Platje was invited, as an 'embedded' artist, to document international operations in the waters around the former Yugoslavia aboard a Dutch frigate. In the years that followed, Platje began to depict the great sailing industry in the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in his oil paintings.

Platje has since built up an extensive archive with which he can truthfully represent his subjects down to the smallest detail. Platje is known for the careful study of his subjects. He divides his work process into various parts and uses old journals, drawings and ship models. Platje regularly makes a series of canvases with a specific theme, such as the American-English naval war at the beginning of the nineteenth century and the life of British admiral Horatio Nelson.

In 2018 he won two awards at the annual exhibition of the Royal Society of Marine Artists in London.

Platje exhibited in Den Helder, Rotterdam, Veere, Vlissingen, London and New York.

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The Yacht America at Freshwater Bay
The Yacht America at Freshwater Bay
Wasp in Pursuit of Colonia
Wasp in Pursuit of Colonia