Weedon, Edwin (1819-1873) UK (12)

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WeedonEV.jpgEdwin Weedon (British, 1818 or 1819-1873), marine artist; staff illustrator for Illustrated London News

1848 - his first illustration, of the steam frigate, HMS Avenger, appeared in the London Illustrated News.

1872 - his final illustration, a Deal lugger making for a ship on the Goodwins, appeared in the London Illustrated News.

1876 - A History of Merchant Shipping by WS Lindsay published with Edwin Weedon's illustrations.


Royal London Yacht Club Sphinx and Volante Rounding at Southend
Royal Victoria Yacht Regatta 1852 - From left to right: Mosquito, Arrow, America and Brilliant
The Titania Schooner Yacht, built for Mr Robert Stephenson, CE
The Ocean Yacht Match from Gravesend to Harwich, on Saturday, 4 June, the Volante winning the Cutters' Prize
Lowestoft Regatta, the Review of the Yachts
The Cambria, Winner of the International Yacht Race
The International Yacht-Race, the Cambria weathering the Sappho off Bonchurch
The Royal Thames Yacht Club Schooner-Match, the Cambria and Witchcraft rounding the Mouse Light
International Yacht-Races at New York : the Livonia and the Dauntless in a gale - A man overboard.
The American Yacht Sappho
The New Schooner Yacht Livonia
Print 1871 Thames Yacht Club Schooner Ships Egeria Livonia