Gulager, Charles (1826-1899) USA (1)

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GulagerCV Although little biographical information is known regarding the life of this skilled American marine painter, his work is widely represented in important museum and private collections nationwide. All of his paintings show a strong knowledge of vessel design and excellent quality in the rendering of sea and sky.

Born in Philadelphia in 1826, Gulager was the grandson of the important Danish-American portraitist Christian Gullager (1759-1826). A portrait he painted of his grandfather today hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C. the majority of known paintings by Gulager were painted in the mid-19th Century between 1853 and 1860 from his Philadelphia studio. In 1860 he is known to have exhibited several works at the Pennsylvania Academy.

Gulager produced many fine portraits of clipper ships and American warships of the Civil War period as well as several excellent yacht portraits usually on direct commission from the owners. All show great attention to detail and placement of the vessel on the water.


The New York Yacht Club Racing Schooner MAGIC

03989Oil on Canvas - Dated 1860 - 36 x 54 Inches - Signed LL: Chas Gulager