Gribble, Bernard Finnigan (1872-1962) UK (1)

Catégorie : PEINTRES

GribbleBFVB. F. (Bernard Finegan) Gribble RBC SMA (10 May 1872 - 21 February 1962) was a prolific British marine artist and illustrator.
Gribble was born in Chelsea in 1872. His father Herbert A. K. Gribble ARIBA was an architect known for his design of the Brompton Oratory.

GribbleBF1Gribble was set to follow in his father's footsteps but instead elected to become a full-time painter in oils and watercolours. He was educated at the College of St Francis Saviour, Bruges, Belgium; South Kensington Art School; and under Albert Toft. He married Eleanor Mabel Clunn (nicknamed "Nellie"). They settled in Poole, Dorset, sometime between 1915 and 1924 (or perhaps in the 1930s), living at 3 Springfield Crescent, Parkstone. He became a member — along with Henry Lamb and Augustus John — of the Poole and East Dorset Art Society.

Although his work included landscapes of Poole and portraits, Gribble was best known as a painter of historical (and often romanticised) maritime scenes. It was once suggested that he had painted "almost every historic event that took place on water, from the landing of William the Conqueror to the Scuttling of the German fleet in Scapa Flow in 1919". Spanish galleons and treasure vessels are well represented in his work, and one critic described him as a "specialist in burning ships".


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