Duggan, James F. (1935-) USA (5)

Catégorie : PEINTRES

DugganJVJames Duggan was born in Charlotte, NC and spent many of his summers sailing on Buzzard's Bay in Massachusetts. It was there that he developed an interest in America's Cup racing and combined his passion for painting with his love of sailing and the rocky coast of New England.

DugganJ1He spent many years photographing and observing cloud and weather patterns for his paintings. His backgrounds are as dramatic, creative and realistic as the subjects themselves and they create a feeling of movement and a sense of place.

He paints in varied styles--abstract, realistic, impressionist--and states, "No matter what form our expression takes, if we are successful in relating an idea, that thought has evolved from our experiences and it is real."

James received his formal art training at The School of The Art Institute in Chicago.  Now living on Chicago's North side, he is represented almost exclusively in private collections throughout the country.


James Duggan - 5 PAINTINGS
James Duggan
Magic v Cambria 1870
James Duggan
Madeleine vs. Countess Dufferin 1876
James Duggan
Defender vs. Valkyrie III 1895
James Duggan
Reliance vs. Shamrock III 1903
James Duggan
Resolute vs. Shamrock IV 1920